Weatherford College Disabilities and Accommodations recommends specific accommodations based upon documentation received and individual class requirements. The following examples of common accommodation requests may not be appropriate in all situations.

*These examples are not an exhaustive listing of all possible accommodations that may be implemented in the classroom setting*

Testing accommodations may include extended time, reduced-distraction testing situations, taped or orally-administered tests, alternate test formats, readers, and/or scribes. Students should discuss testing accommodations with their instructors at the beginning of each term.

Students may be permitted to tape record class lectures and/or may request peer note takers. The Office of D&A and faculty may assist in arranging for peer note takers.

The college offers assistance with document readers and other adaptive computer technology; however, advanced notice is needed for preparations to implement this accommodation.
Academic assistance may be provided through scribes, readers and/or sign language interpreters. However, federal law does not require the college to provide services that place an undue administrative or financial burden upon the college.


Dawn Kahlden
Director of Student Pathways

Karmann Goff
Disability Specialist

The Den, ACAD 121