1. Create an Account for an online application
  2. Answer all required questions on the application, indicated by *.
  3. Review and submit application.
  4. Check status in application account:
    • Action Required – The program you have chosen requires additional supplemental items. Upload the items as indicated online to the application on the supplemental items tab. Once all items are submitted, status will update to Completed.
    • Submitted – Application form is complete; however, not all supplemental items have been uploaded to the application.
    • Completed – The application is complete and it will be reviewed for admittance into the program on your application.
  1. Once admitted to WC, you will receive your student login credentials. Use those credentials to login to Coyote Connect
  2. Add Sections to Plan:
    • Go to the Course Catalog and either search the course, pick your subject or use the advanced search to see what courses are available.
    • Once you find the course, click on View Sections Available to see open sections.
    • When you find the section on the campus, day and time you want, click on Add to Plan.
    • Repeat for each course section. Remember, you have to pick a section with a meeting time and location to register.
    • When all sections are added to your plan, click on the home icon.
  3. Review Student Plan:
    • Click on Student Planning and then click on Go to Plan & Schedule.
    • Review plan
      • Are your classes on the campus you want?
      • Are dates and times correct?
      • Do courses overlap?
    • Make corrections to plan as needed. Important: Until you complete registration, your seat in the course is not held. Also, delays in registration can result in cancellation of classes due to insufficient enrollments.
  4. When you have the schedule ready, click on the blue Register Now button.
    • If the button is not blue, look at the top right of the page. Do you have messages or holds? If so, resolve the issues as directed or contact the Workforce Education office for assistance.
  • Congratulation, you are registered!
  1. Tuition should be paid at time of registration.
  2. Payments can be made online through your Coyote Connect or in person at the campuses Business Office
  3. Payment Requirements:
    • All balances must be paid in full one week before the start date of the class or student may be dropped.
    • Payment Plans are NOT available; however, students who register well in advance, will be allowed to make partial payments for classes (ALL payments are still due one week before the class begins)
    • If you are applying for financial assistance, completed applications should be submitted at least one week prior to the class start date.
    • No refunds on or after the day class begins.

Questions or Concerns? Visit with an advising specialist or a program coordinator. Call 817-598-8870.