How to transfer to a University from Weatherford College

Find a major at WC based on your transfer university major. If you are unsure, visit with a WC Academic Advisor for transfer majors.  Speaking with an advisor will ensure you are taking the correct courses to transfer to a university.

            Important questions to ask your advisor:

  • Does WC have an articulation agreement with my transfer university?
  • Will the courses I take be accepted at the university I am considering?
  • What grades do I need to earn to get credit at the four-year colleges?
  • What is the minimum GPA I need to maintain to be accepted?

When you complete the core curriculum at WC with a “C” or better, all of your core classes transfer to a Texas public university.  Discuss your transfer plans with your WC Academic Advisor so you can plan your coursework accordingly.

Grades are a big factor when applying to transfer to a university.  Make sure that your meet all the requirements for transfer admissions to the university and your major.

Be aware of application and scholarship deadlines. Some school have scholarships for transfer students.

After you have graduated from WC, send your transcripts to your new school.  All holds on accounts will need to be cleared before a transcript will be sent.

If you have not completed an Associate’s degree but have at least 25% of your degree program complete at WC, you may be able to transfer back college or university work to complete your degree requirements.  A reverse transfer allows you to be recognized for your accomplishments and awards you the credentials you have earned. 

How does it work?

  1. Complete the Application for Reverse Transfer (create a live document to be filled out on the website) on the WC website
  2. Send your university official transcript to WC.
  3. WC will evaluate your transcript and apply credit accordingly.

Am I eligible?

If you have earned at least 25% of your degree required credit hours from WC and you transferred to a university or four-year college.


University Transfer Partners

WC works continually to provide seamless transitions to upper-level colleges and universities by maintaining transfer and articulation agreements so students can continue their studies.