Spring 2022 Honors Course Offerings

BIOL 1409 HONORS: General Biology II

Provides a survey of biological principles with an emphasis on humans, including chemistry of life, cells, structure, function, and reproduction. Laboratory activities will reinforce a survey of biological principles with an emphasis on humans, including chemistry of life, cells, structure, function, and reproduction.

ENGL 2323 HONORS: British Literature, Social Justice, and Environment

A survey of the development of British literature from the Romantic Period to the present. Students will study works of prose, poetry, drama, and fiction in relation to their historical, linguistic, and cultural contexts. Texts will be selected from a diverse group of authors and traditions. Creative teaching techniques engage students’ imaginations and help transfer knowledge through the power of reflection and application. Rhetorical revisions allow students to take class readings and creatively adapt the information to fit a new situation or make unusual connections. Engaging projects include group villanelles, Pop Culture Austen, postcolonial poetry presentations, and more.

All ENGL 2323 courses include a literary analysis and research paper, midterm exam, and final exam. This honors course also includes a multi-modal course project which will display both creative and critical thinking skills as students highlight their favorite texts, interpretations, and implications through media and technology choices (infographic, literary manifesto, PowerPoint, short film, musical presentation, illustrations and/or magazine article).

GOVT 2306 HONORS: Texas Politics

Honors Texas Politics explores the idiosyncratic nature of politics in the Lone Star State. The class will investigate the unique history, varied geography, dynamic economy, and diverse demography that contributes to the political environment on which Texas politics is built. Students will gain a greater understanding of state politics and the substantial influence Texas has on national politics.  An in-depth analysis of several aspects of the political life of the state will be undertaken. Topics for discussion will include Texas political culture, the Texas Constitution, Texas in the Federal system, political parties, interest groups, elections and campaigns, the Texas Legislature, The Texas Executive Branch, the Texas judicial system, and public policy.

HUMA 1305 HONORS: Fine Arts Appreciation

The honors fine arts appreciation course explores art as process and product, focusing on foundational questions. What makes something art? What makes art valuable? Who decides the value of art? Does taste equal truth?

 This course will use a series of web-based readings and media to explore various forms of art and scholarly examinations of art. Students will chose art experiences, entering into class dialogues about those experiences and their relationships to art. Authentic and substantial student reflections are essential to success in the course. Each student will produce a presentation on an artwork, addressing its value from a variety of perspectives.

MATH 1342 HONORS: Elementary Statistics

In addition to the learning objectives for Elementary Stats (MATH 1342), additional objectives for this course are:

  • To study bias in media (social, visual, and written)
  • To write a non-biased survey to then gather useful and meaningful data
  • Use Excel to analyze data
  • Interpret and present findings in professional presentation

Instructors will incorporate different course assignments and/or instruction techniques to challenge honors students. These could be projects, research, group assignments, etc. Honors courses will have a smaller class size with honors program students only.

Students must take at least (1) honors designated course as a part of their full time load for the semester.
Students are allowed to drop the honors program after starting. They will need to contact honors@wc.edu to make an appointment with the honors program committee.
There will be an honors designation on your transcript and diploma.

Honors Program students are eligible for: 

  • Weatherford College Foundation Scholarships 
  • Priority Registration 
  • Scholarships available for PTK membership 
  • Smaller class sizes 
  • Printing allowance
  • Honors Program lounge for studying 
  • Honors designation on transcript 
  • Honors designation on diploma 
  • Honors mention at graduation and convocation 
  • Honors regalia for graduation 



Michelle Burt
Coordinator, Honors Program
Anna Nichols
Advisor, Honors Program
Honors Lounge
LART 101