This program provides didactic and clinical experience to prepare the student for the ARRT Mammography Registry Exam.

** This program does not include the required additional 8 hours training for tomosynthesis or digital component.

Program Admission

Applicants must be a graduate of a 2-year accredited medical radiography program in ionizing radiation, ARRT certification in Radiography and hold a valid Texas Medical Board License.

Applications are accepted each year beginning the first business day in April through the last business day in July, for the program that begins in August.

Upon acceptance into the Mammography Certificate program the following requirements must be met prior to starting clinical classes:

Proof of immunizations:

  • TB skin test
  • 2 MMR shots
  • Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis (Tdap) booster within past ten years.
  • 2 Varicella vaccines, 1 Varicella titer.
  • Completed Hepatitis B Vaccine series or titer.
  • Current CPR certification by the American Heart Association upon admission into the program, as well as throughout the program.
  • Proof of insurance (information will be provided at the time of acceptance)
  • Background check (information will be provided at the time of acceptance)
  • Drug Screen (information will be provided at the time of acceptance

The MAMT 2333 didactic course will count as the 16 hours education requirements for the Mammography Certification Exam. Your transcript will provide the verification needed.
 * Each student enrolled in WC MAMT Program academic course will receive 16 Continuing Education credit hours toward ARRT renewal for a 16-week semester with a grade of “C” or higher. If audited all you need to do is send a copy of your transcript for verification of the credit.

Applicant Criteria

Admission to the program is limited to:

  • Technologists with ARRT registration in radiography.
  • Individuals with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 in all RADR college level coursework.
  • Students must apply to admission to Weatherford College to be eligible to enroll in classes. You are a new student if you have not taken any classes at WC the previous semester of enrolling in the Mammography Advanced Certificate Program. 
  • See the following links below to begin the new student enrollment process.
  • https://www.applytexas.org/adappc/gen/c_start.WBX
  • https://www.wc.edu/new-student-checklist

Certificate Costs

For more information please contact the Radiologic Technology Program at 817-598-8840.


  • Physically lift 50 pounds or more routinely
  • Be able to stand for prolonged periods of time
  • Be able to perform CPR if needed
  • Be able to bend, stoop, push, and pull routinely
  • Be able to assist patients throughout exams in the healthcare setting
  • Be able to move heavy equipment into confined spaces
  • Have the hearing ability to hear alarms and must be able to hear a person speak in a normal audible voice without observing the person's face.

Career Options

Upon completion of the certificate program the student must pass the ARRT mammography registry. The registered student can gain employment as a mammography after passing the registry.

The current job market for mammographers is above average. Jobs are plentiful at this time.

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You must be a registered radiologic technologist to enter this program.


  • Christy Jennings - Instructor

Mammography Certificate Program

Mammography Certificate
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Mickey Ryan, MHA, BSRS, RT(R)(MR)
Program Director