While it is our hope you won’t have any issues at Weatherford College, it does happen.  When you have a grievance, knowing where to go and who to talk too about your concern can be challenging.  Ideally most concerns will be handled at the lowest level of administrative oversight; therefore, it is always encouraged for students to speak directly to their instructor or advisor.  If the issue is not resolved, students are then encouraged to speak to the appropriate Dean.

There are different types of grievances or student concerns, but the college normally distinguishes between academic concerns and general issues that do not pertain to academics.  Academic concerns should begin with the instructor of record.  It is advisable to meet with your instructor during office hours or make an appointment.  If the concern is not resolved, it is the students right to pursue the issue with the Academic Dean for that area.   Students can speak with an advisor regarding appropriate chain of command, and assistance with documenting issues.   Students who do not wish to speak with the instructor of record are advised to speak with the Executive Dean of Student Services or the appropriate Academic Dean. 

Student concerns not grade related should be directed to the Executive Dean of Enrollment Management & Registrar.  The Executive Dean will discuss options with a student and advise on the best course of action a student should take.  Some grievances will enact specific college procedures that obligate the institution to respond.  These issues primarily center on student safety and forms of harassment or discrimination.  

Lastly, Weatherford College also has a Student Complaint Form (PDF).  This form will be directed to the Executive Dean of Enrollment Management & Registrar.  All complaints will be responded too. 

Ultimately, if you are having an issue, please tell us about it!  Every staff member at Weatherford College will either assist appropriately or direct you to the correct office. 

For Out-of-State Students Enrolled in Weatherford College Programs:

Students within SARA states may file a complaint with the SARA Portal Agency in the home state of the institution. Students should then select their state for information on how to file a complaint.