The Veterinary Technology Program at Weatherford College is designed to provide students with the educational background and practical hands-on experiential learning to be successful in Veterinary practices in Texas and the United States. Students graduating from AVMA-accredited programs are eligible to sit for the VTNE and Texas State Board Exam, and, if successful obtain their license in Veterinary Technology. Weatherford College is accredited by the AVMA CVTEA as a program for educating veterinary technicians.

We combine classroom education with valuable practical and clinical opportunities to ensure that our students are well rounded in their knowledge and skill base so that they are valuable to potential employers.

A critical component of the Veterinary Technology Program is hands-on animal handling and training. Laboratories take place at the Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter, local veterinary clinics, and livestock and equine facilities. The Veterinary Technology Program at Weatherford College is committed to the humane care and use of all animals participating in its instructional plans. We encourage anyone who sees an animal being mistreated to report it. Weatherford College Veterinary Technology Program Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Whistle Blower Policy

Career Options

Due to the diversity of the Veterinary Industry in North Central Texas, demand is currently at an all-time high for motivated individuals that have the skill, knowledge and work ethic required by this demanding field. Students completing the program may find themselves working at any of the following:

  • Private Clinics
  • Mobile Veterinary Practices
  • Laboratories
  • Research Facilities
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
The number of job openings for Veterinary Technologists and Technicians each year for the next decade is

Veterinary Technology National Examination (VTNE)

Most state and provincial agencies use the Veterinary Technician National Exam to evaluate the competency of entry-level veterinary technicians and require a passing score for a veterinary technician to be credentialed.

  Number of students attepting VTNE for the first time Number of students that pass the VTNE the first time Pass Rate
WC-2022 15 10 66.67%
WC-2023 8 5 62.50%
Nationally-2022 6,767 4,614 68.32%
Nationally-2023 3219 2250 69.90%

Related Programs

Transfer Options

The primary goal of this program is entry into the workforce. However, students are encouraged to pursue their Bachelor’s of Applied Science at universities that offer the program to continue their education and strengthen their value within the industry.


Scholarships are available that are designated for Ag and Equine students specifically at Weatherford College. Applications are completed through the WC Foundation Scholarship process.


  • Adriana Pantazis, DVM 

Students participating in the Veterinary Technology program are encouraged to participate in the Weatherford College Vet Tech Club which conducts service activities and is involved in community development throughout the Parker County community


Veterinary Technology


Adriana Pantazis, DVM
Program Director
Veterinary Technology
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