We're so happy to hear that you have chosen to explore a career in law enforcement. Perhaps you have always known that you wanted to be a police officer or are just now becoming curious. Either way, please allow Weatherford College Law Enforcement Academy the opportunity to assure you that a career in law enforcement is a fun, rewarding, and fulfilling profession. Our police academy focuses heavily on student success, both as a student and a police officer. The academy has experienced instructors with a myriad of expertise. Most of the instructors are current or former practitioners of law enforcement and will diligently impart their experience to the you and for your benefit. We push our cadets academically, physically and emotionally to be the best version of themselves when they leave. We host two day academies and one night academy per year. Our day academy runs for approximately 5 months and our night academy runs for approximately 7 months. Our night academy is longer, because you would only attend at night for five hours. If you're interested, please email wcpspinfo@wc.edu for an application packet. The packet will contain a number of steps and pages containing all of the information you will need to navigate the application process. Once accepted, you will be notified by our staff at the law enforcement academy.


Prospective day class cadets will be required to participate in daily physical training. Night class cadets will not be required to participate in physical training, due shorter class times. Each cadet will need to purchase uniforms, gear and ammunition to successfully complete the program. All of these requirements will be spelled out in the initial information packet.

Career Options

After graduation and upon completion of a state examination, each cadet will be licensed Texas peace officers. Being peace officers opens the door to many different opportunities in the law enforcement field. Most cadets will find themselves employed with a local or state agency and will undergo field training until they are released on their own. In this capacity, the cadet will be in a protective policing role, which is considered a more traditional path into law enforcement. There are also opportunities in corrections, intelligence and opportunities with state agencies such as the Department Of Public Safety or Game Wardens. With a peace officer's license in hand, a cadet will find themselves in more competitive positions in the job market. Our goal is to help each cadet find work after they graduate.

Our academy has recently achieved 100% first attempt pass rate on the state exam. Also, each cadet from the last graduating class has been employed by a police agency and is succeeding in their new role.

Related Programs

Each cadet would have the opportunity to continue their education in our Criminal Justice department.


Each scholarship is listed in the information packet, but also with Workforce Education scholarships.

Fees / Costs

The tuition for our Police Academy is $2,250.00. Altogether we ask that each cadet prepare to spend approximately $3,315.00.

Accreditation Info

The Academy is accredited and recognized by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) as a training provider.


Warren Egerton
Program Coordinator