The Fire Services Administration Degree prepares firefighters for their advancement into supervision roles. The courses in this degree integrates case studies, skills, techniques, and theories relevant to fire administration in the public sector. This program is to provide advanced knowledge for future leadership in the Fire Service. 
 The Fire Service Degree at Weatherford College is an online program and free to all qualified firefighter in the State of Texas and can award up to 20 college credit hours for their Basic Firefighter Certification.


All students will be required to have access to a Desktop or Laptop computer with video camera. The web camera is used for the Proctored Midterm and Final Exams. The proctored exams can not be taken on a tablet and must be taken on Laptop or desktop computer with chrome application.

Career Options

The Fire Administration Degree is a great tool to help advance fire operation officers into an administration officer position. The disciplined studies of an online program creates better learning environment for advancement. Many of the graduates from this program attribute their increased fire service knowledge and study formatting to their advancement in the fire service.

The graduating students have commented that their advancement in the fire service is directly related to their course of studies in the Weatherford College Fire Science Program.

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  • David B. Anderson 
  • Sharon Johnson, PSP Department Chair 
  • Jessica Killman, Workforce Specialist

Fire Services Administration

    Fire Sciences-Fire Services Administration
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    David B. Anderson
    Fire Degree Coordinator
    fire science

    James Purdom, Fire Captain

    Earning my degree in Fire Administration from Weatherford College not only fulfilled a personal goal but helped me achieve my career goals. Working toward and finishing my degree introduced me to ideas I otherwise would not have explored and reinforced skills that have helped me to be able to promote in rank. I still use these skills as I continue to serve in the fire service.
    James Purdom
    Fire Captain

    Stephan J. Lopez Jr.

    My educational pursuits began in the Fire Science Degree Program at Weatherford College. They included degrees in Fire Service Administration, Protection and Safety Technology, and Emergency Medical Services which provided the base knowledge that I needed to become a well-rounded public servant and progress through the ranks of my department. In addition, the fire science programs at Weatherford College equipped me with the educational foundation that I needed to attain both my Bachelors and Masters degrees. Simply put, the education that I received at Weatherford College prepared me for my future as a career public servant.
    Stephan J. Lopez Jr.
    Section Chief