The Fire Protection and Safety Technology degree gives firefighters expanded knowledge base to help them improve their firefighting operations skills. The courses include all aspects of fireground operations and preparedness to improve safety awareness and modern tactics. The Fire Science Degrees are offered online and allow firefighters to take courses available 24 hours a day with weekly assignments and reading assignments. Firefighters that are certified through the Texas Commission of Fire Protection are awarded 23 college credit hours for their active Basic Firefighter Certification.


The access to a desktop or laptop computer is required. The computer must have camera to be used during proctored midterm and final exams. Those using a tablet will not be able to access midterm and final exams.

Career Options

Firefighters who have graduated from the Fire Protection and Safety Technology Degree Program have a greater knowledge of fire service operations and prepares the firefighter to advancement.

The Fire Science Program helps to prepare students for undergraduate degrees by creating better study habits, research. and communications methods.

Related Programs

The Fire Science Degree program also offers a degree in Fire Service Administration. The firefighters that are certified as Texas Paramedics can also review the required courses to obtain an Associates Degree in Emergency Medical Services.


  • David B. Anderson, Professor of Fire Science

Fire Protection and Safety Technology

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    Stephan J. Lopez Jr.

    My educational pursuits began in the Fire Science Degree Program at Weatherford College. They included degrees in Fire Service Administration, Protection and Safety Technology, and Emergency Medical Services which provided the base knowledge that I needed to become a well-rounded public servant and progress through the ranks of my department. In addition, the fire science programs at Weatherford College equipped me with the educational foundation that I needed to attain both my Bachelors and Masters degrees. Simply put, the education that I received at Weatherford College prepared me for my future as a career public servant.
    Stephan J. Lopez Jr.
    Section Chief