What's Happening at Weatherford College

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  • Coyote Chase Race promo graphic

    Coyote Chase Race returns to Weatherford

    The 27th annual Coyote Chase Race 5K and 1-mile run will take place Saturday, Nov. 13, at Weatherford College after taking a year off in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Pre-registered runners will receive long sleeve...

  • Dan and Jayne Curlee with President Farmer standing in the Grogan Historic Plaza

    Curlees establish WC scholarship endowment

    Jayne and Dan Curlee have established a new permanent scholarship endowment with the Weatherford College Foundation. The Jayne and Dan Curlee Scholarship will be earmarked for foreign students enrolled at WC. Pictured...

  • WC President Tod Allen Farmer portrait

    The Arch

    The Etruscans and the ancient Romans were the first to widely use the arch in building structures.  The Romans used the arch in a wide range of structures across Europe and throughout the Roman Empire.  Roman builders...