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WC Spotlights

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"There are many reasons why Weatherford College is a great campus to attend, and I most definitely could not have made a better decision about choosing Weatherford College to help me achieve my goals."
WC Spotlight - Erin O'Connor
"I chose Weatherford College as it has a stellar reputation for higher education and offers solid medical coursework that will support my future plans to become a certified registered nursing anesthetist. "
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"Being a small community college, Weatherford College has allowed me to get to know my instructors and even the Dean at a personal level that makes the college feel very heartwarming and welcoming."
Liliana Davila spotlight
"This scholarship will take a large weight off of my shoulders. I will not have to worry when and how I will pay off my college expenses or if I will even be able to attend next semester. With this scholarship, my mind is put at ease, and I can focus on my studies instead of my financial situation."
WC Spotlight - Marlee Rudolph
"I chose Weatherford College for many reasons, the main one being family-oriented. Every person in my family has attended Weatherford College for their first two years of college, and I know personally that it is a very smart idea to attend my home town college both financially and educationally."
WC Spotlight - Shelia Woolsey
"Being able to attend classes at WC Granbury is the main reason I was able to fit going to college into our busy schedule of home life, children and work. I am forever thankful that God put WC Granbury in my life when He did. Because of WC Granbury, the staff, my professors and my understanding family – I will accomplish my life-long dream."
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Spotlight Tag-EY Lopez
"My time at Weatherford was life changing, and I want that for my family. Weatherford is a small, tight-knit community where the education is affordable and you have so many resources available to succeed at WC. I’d say the quality of education I received at WC has prepared me for not only my transfer to a four-year university, but prepared me for life as well."
WC Spotlight - Manny Palacios Jr
"The faculty and staff work hard to provide an excellent education and prepare the students to enter the workforce or transfer to a major university. The professors are always willing to help and dedicate their time for the success of each student."
WC Spotlight -  Alexandra Littrel
"Weatherford College has been a really educating and bountiful first step in my pursuit in higher education. There are years as you grow from a young woman into an adult that mark who you become. I am glad I experienced that time here, studying and pursuing my passions."
WC Spotlight - Haley Fulton
"The majority of my experience of campus life at WC has been at the Mineral Wells Education Center and I cannot say enough about the staff. My teachers have been fantastic and the campus is a very close-knit family. Every staff member goes above and beyond to meet the student’s needs." 
WC Spotlight - Noelle Ortiz
"My goal is to become a NICU nurse after gaining my BSN and then working towards my master’s degree to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. My career goals will go as far as my education allows me because I truly do believe that furthering myself through education is such a vital part of becoming a great nurse."
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WC Spotlight - Gary Winner
"The quality of education at WC is excellent. The instructors have presented the courses very professionally. They have been fair and challenging. I will recommend WC to other students and potential students."
WC Spotlight - Chandler Hayes
"The quality of education at WC is very good. I know I will be graduating with confidence and ready to start my future career. I truly believe the education here is the same, if not better, than any university."
WC Spotlight - Patti Sue Noe
"WC has taught me that I make myself into the person that I want to be, and that has shown me a strength I didn’t know I had. I don’t have to blame others for the trouble that comes my way. I am responsible for my own life, and that is incredibly liberating." 
WC Spotlight - Marinna Gutierrez
"WC provides tutoring and has multiple tutors that are happy to schedule an appointment to better fit in with our busy schedules. This has made college classes less stressful knowing we have a place to go if we are uncertain about something we learned in class."  
WC Spotlight - Frances Yandell
"I’m sure that other bigger schools have a lot to offer, but the friendships I have made in my time here, and the personal relationships I’ve been able to build with instructors has been invaluable. I’m more than just a number here, I matter. You can’t put a price on that, but Weatherford does a great job keeping it competitive in that area!"
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WC Spotlight - Noe Barrientos
"My dream is to become a general doctor for Weatherford or the DFW area. It’s been my dream since I was a little boy."
WC Spotlight - Elise Swanson
"My experiences at WC have given me a platform to discover what career I want to pursue, provided me with opportunities to sharpen my public speaking skills and has allowed me to become more confident in myself."
WC Spotlight - Hannah Brown
"I love WC! If I didn’t come here, I don’t think I would have discovered my passion for criminal psychology."
WC Spotlight - Brandon Garwood
How has Weatherford College changed your life?  "Weatherford College has shown me that college is for me."
WC Spotlight - Nina Maniotis
"Whether a student gains a terminal degree or certificate at Weatherford College or they move to a university level degree, they leave Weatherford College changed for the better."
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WC Spotlight - Berenice Munoz
What is the best part of participating in the Upward Bound program?  "I believe it is getting the privilege of having such wonderful help on getting into college."
WC Spotlight - Ruth Martinez
How important was affordability when choosing to attend WC?  "Insanely important. The affordability at this stage, as well as the support I have here, was the deciding factor."
WC Spotlight - Ethan A Seymore
What is the best part of participating in the Upward Bound program?  "Interacting with the teachers and students. The summer classes are fantastic."
Greg Trickett
"I get to talk about philosophy all the time and get paid for it! The interaction with students, seeing many of them grow in their per-
spectives by associating philosophy with their personal life or professional/academic goals, is invaluable to me."
WC Spotlight - Samantha Peairson
"The instructors at WC are knowledgeable and pass that know-
ledge on in an easy way to understand. Each instructor that I have had, invests time in their students and seem to want them to achieve their goals. It is refreshing to learn all this new informa-
tion from instructors who are passionate about what they do."
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WC Spotlight - Kristal Jones
"The instructors are so invested in our success and you can see it reflected in our grades and clinical practice. Don’t get me wrong, the program is a challenge, but the reward of graduating as some of the top therapists in Dallas/Ft. Worth is worth the hard work!"
WC Spotlight - Dovile Strimaityte
International Student from Lithuania:
"What is good about WC is the fact that in a smaller college you get more attention from your instructors and can go talk to them personally at almost any time. They will always help and explain anything you are struggling with."
WC Spotlight - Winston Griffith
"Weatherford has been nothing short of a great educational opportunity. I’ve learned and been taught just as much or if not more than I would at a larger university."
WC Spotlight-Melissa Crowe
"I am attending WC on the Post 9/11 GI Bill, so affordability wasn’t exactly what I was concerned with. I had been told that the Veterans office on campus was one of the best, and that was the deciding factor for me."
Cara Dawn Speicher
"As an older woman of 47-years-old and a first-generation student striving to rise up out of circumstances and financial difficulties it was imperative to find quality education that was affordable and possible for someone like me. This journey has equipped me far beyond financial standards and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to attend Weatherford College."
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WC Spotlight - Samuel Franklin
"My greatest mentor is my voice teacher, Rick Rainey, because he has always been there for me, and he helped me unlock so much of my voice and my talent which I never thought possible."
WC Spotlight - My Keldine Fenelon
International Student from Haiti:
"I would describe campus life at WC as a learning experience because I moved from a different country, and everything here is very different from what I was used to and what I expected. It has been fun and educational at the same time."
WC Spotlight - Angeles Ramirez
What are your post WC plans? 
"I will take as many courses as I can take at WC, and, as of now, I am doing an online partnership with Midwestern State University. Once I receive a bachelor’s degree, I will apply to UNT to become a practicing Physician Assistant."
WC Spotlight - Stacy Rhoades
"Campus life is important so the student feels connected to other students and to their professors. Student can have connections in extracurricular activities. Talent Search help its students who will be attending WC connect to Student Support Services."
WC Spotlight - Cheryl Rodriguez
"We have some extremely dedicated professors and staff here at WC who go above and beyond to make sure that students succeed. We are that bridge that they have to cross into their careers or their next educational institution, and it can make or break their experience."
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WC Spotlight - Korleyan Khem
"It is vastly affordable which will allow me to save up for when I transfer to a four year university."
WC Spotlight - Kevin Ordonez
"I would like to be able to work more and make money but I believe to get optimal results, one must put maximum effort into their practice. Focusing more on my educational goals will better serve my long-term goals. A scholarship lifts a financial burden off my shoulders so that I can focus on what matters most, my education."
WC Spotlight - Korleyan Khem
"My parents are immigrants from Cambodia who escaped from the Khmer Rouge, so I am eternally grateful for all that they have done for me to help and support my education and needs. I want to give back by pursuing a career that would deem me a success and wanted them to know that their daughter was going to have a stable future."
WC Spotlight - Elizabeth Wamble
What prompted you to choose your current course of study?  
"To help people heal, become more independent and stronger versions of themselves."
WC Spotlight - Kylee Studioso
"I always suggest WC to anyone that asks me about it. I tell them a two-year school is the best way to get the core classes done with smaller class sizes and less money. If they are into sports as well, I let them know that the programs are just as competitive as division university teams."
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WC Spotlight - Derek Peterson
"I think it’s hard for some students to move away from home and expect that they can juggle their life and education without any prior experience. Weatherford College offers a chance to experience what college life is like while, at the same time, being close to your family for support at an affordable price."
WC Spotlight - Justine Goulette
"The best part of attending Weatherford College is being able to know your instructors. They truly do care about your well-being and the concerns you have. They want to see you succeed."
WC Spotlight-Amber Anderson
"The care I have received at Weatherford College has been astounding. Every member of staff goes out of their way to help you succeed. There are so many helpful resources from the Academic Support Center to the Career and Transfer Center that make it a priority to help every student that comes in."
WC Spotlight - Charlie LIttle
"At any time during office hours, my professors have been open to help and answer any questions that I might have. Most are eager to explain any given curiosity within the coursework, and I believe that is very constructive to the learning process."
WC Spotlight - Nancy McVean
Faculty Member of the Year:
“I accept this award on behalf of the amazing, talented students that have worked magic on our stage throughout the years. It truly wouldn’t have happened without them by my side. One of the joys of my life has been to see them accomplish so much and go from here to be successful, contributing human beings.”
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WC Spotlight - Marie Christie Francois
"I plan to graduate with a business major. I intend on going back home to Haiti to offer more jobs in my country by creating businesses that allow me to do so. I really want to be able to help create more jobs in Haiti, and I also want to do mission work wherever God calls me."
WC Spotlight - Madison Brown
"The quality of education I received at WC has been phenomenal, and I know I am well prepared for all future endeavors. The faculty genuinely care about their students’ education and their passion for their subjects encourages their students to strive for the best."
WC Spotlight - Quamon Fowler
"It was a great environment for practicing and developing musically, which paved the way for my continued drive,
as I moved on."
WC Spotlight - Carolina Gonzalez
"I feel as though all of my classes appropriately advanced and prepared me as time went on. All of my professors challenged me in new ways and increased my love of learning. Moreover, they worked hard and always presented me with the best education possible."
WC Spotlight - Mariah Pogue
"Weatherford college has provided me with indispensable life skills, knowledge and connections that will greatly perpetuate my academic career and overall success. I can honestly say that attending Weatherford College has been one of the best decisions
I could have ever made for myself and my future."
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WC Spotlight-Joshua Davis
"The education I received was excellent. Being a community college, WC has some challenging courses. They really exercise your mind and your will to stay focused and dedicate your time to your studies."
WC Spotlight - Shannon McNabb
"The best part of my job is watching my students learn and grow not only throughout the semester they spend in my class, but also during their time at Weatherford College."
WC Spotlight - Grayson Adams
"This scholarship would impact my life tremendously. It will
help out with my parents financially as well as myself. With my educational plans and future, this scholarship will not only affect my years at Weatherford College but will help me with transferring to a university."
WC Spotlight-Gail Henard
How would you describe the quality of education students receive at WC?  "In regards to the cosmetology program, we have a higher passing rate than some of the private schools and you also earn college credit hours which can be applied towards an associate’s degree."
WC Spotlight-Paulina Pounce Sacedo
"I chose to attend Weatherford College because it is an excellent way to start my college education. Weatherford College has an atmosphere that makes you feel wanted. The school has kind people who try their best to assist one with any concerns or questions. Weatherford College provides educational resources
to tutor students in subjects they may be struggling in."
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How would you describe the quality of education you have received at WC?  "Great. I love it when teachers are actually passionate about the subject they teach."
WC Spotlight-Linda Wynn
"One of the nice things about a college like ours is that you can be as involved as you wish. I would encourage students, as well as faculty and staff, to take advantage of the many ways to participate in campus life. There are lots of fun activities and rewarding volunteer opportunities."
WC Spotlight-Adam Finley
"I have spoken with several students who come to Weatherford College after attending other institutions. The comments students make are they are surprised by the level of service WC provides to students from admissions, financial aid, business services, academic support services, to instruction."
WC Spotlight - Charly Perez
"Going to school and earning that degree that will get you the dream job that you’ve always wanted is a long journey. A scholar-
ship will make my journey a little easier and it will reassure me that this is not an impossible goal. I always told myself I would finish the four years of school, no matter what it took."
WC Spotlight - Scott Butler
"Being a part of the Veteran’s Organization has also helped tremendously - having like-minded individuals who are striving to achieve their goals while also having relatable past experiences."
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WC Spotlight - McKenna Early "I chose Weatherford College because it was extremely affordable and very convenient from where I currently live. I enjoy how open and spacious it is compared to a university. I greatly appreciate the class room sizes because I need the one-on-one with the teacher because sometimes emails just don't cut it."
WC Spotlight - Norma Jones
"I think that students may expect a high quality of education at WC. For me, I have taught at universities and value my current students equally. In other words, an undergraduate education should not differ based on location."
WC Spotlight - Reese Oxner
"I am planning on transferring to a university after I earn my Associates, and I feel like WC has prepared me to take this next step. I’m glad I was able to start somewhere small and with a tighter knit community. I feel confident that WC has set me on the course to be successful in my career."
WC Spotlight - Avery Shifflett
"Dual credit enrollment has given me an advantage over my classmates. WC has prepared me for the next level of education with professors who guide you from the first course you take."
MIchael Endy
 "A college lives on the exchange of ideas, the testing of those ideas, and new possibilities that spring from those ideas. The institution is only as alive as these processes. So, whether it’s happening at a cookout, in a classroom or a visit in a hallway,
the lifeblood of the college is in those conversations that get us thinking, evaluating and expanding our understanding and appreciation of the world we share."
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WC Spotlight-Daniela Simmons
What is the best part of your job?  "Communicating with the students and helping them to develop a positive attitude about education, personal growth and participating as a member of society."
WC Spotlight-Melanie LaBrake
"The best part of attending Weatherford College for me was the support the teachers offer. The staff and faculty really want you to receive the best education possible."
WC Spotlight-Bradley Cripe
"Individual attention in terms of professors has been great. They have always been available to help if I was struggling with any work."
WC Spotlight - Mary Howard
"The attitude is that everyone deserves the best start possible, whether they are a recent graduate or a more mature adult perhaps beginning college after raising a family."
WC Spotlight - Joshua Winebrinner
"I have learned so much while I have attended here; with great teachers it is hard to forget what they teach you!​"
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WC Spotlight - Diann Ainsworth
"Campus life is very important for WC students because they make connections with faculty, staff and other students that will last a lifetime. Being involved at WC helps students to be well rounded and stay excited about learning."
WC Spotlight - LeAnne Shepard
"I think that the more support you feel on campus, the more likely you are to keep coming when life gets hard. Everyone struggles at some point during their education and having a good network of people who you can lean on often makes the difference."
WC Spotlight - Duane Durrett
"The more students connect to campus the more likely they are to stay, persevere, and succeed. A connection can happen through sports, music, or a faculty or staff person taking that extra step in caring for the student and making them feel an important part of a class, program and the WC student body."
WC Spotlight - Brenda Pacheco
"The fact that we know our students by name says a lot about the attention they receive. The interaction the students have with the faculty and staff is visible all around campus."
WC Spotlight - James Wood
"It is important for students to have a sense of belonging and feel welcome here."
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WC Spotlight - Dr. Alexander Ibe "Seeing my students successfully transition into their respective field of studies – especially those who had doubts about themselves, teaching them how to think and hence, an astute scholar."
WC Spotlight - Madison Forrest
"It’s great to have professors who really invest in your goals and help you obtain them."
WC Spotlight - Anjelica Trevino
"Being a first generation student, I was worried the cost of college would destroy my dreams before anything, but being here and being able to get a great education – that means a lot."
WC Spotlight - Kurt Harris
"Smaller classes, great instructors, wide ranging curriculum, tremendous staff, wonderful city, as well as financial savings are all established reasons for the belief that WC is an outstanding choice for higher education."
WC Spotlight - Shelby Key
"The quality of the education I have received has been more than exceptional. I receive compliments from co-workers and clinical settings that we have been taught very well in our program."
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WC Spotlight - Christi Dayley - ECGB
"WC is a tight-knit community that really works together."
WC Spotlight - John Dougherty - WCWC Instructor
"There are always friendly staff members ready to serve
our students, as well as smaller classroom sizes for more individual attention and communication between students and faculty."
WC Spotlight - Jessica Flores "WC has been the perfect transition from high school." 
WC Spotlight - P Neeper
"The teachers work very well with the students to make sure their job gets done."
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WC Spotlight - Arelis Cora
"Individual attention at WC is also great since it is a small school the teachers know their students and you get that one-on-one attention that other schools can't give you because of the large classroom sizes."
WC Spotlight - Garrett Brooks
"Receiving a scholarship would greatly reduce personal stress as the Rad Tech program is very time consuming which results in difficulties in balancing school, work, and personal life." 
WC Spotlight - Jason Avelson
"My veteran’s benefits are covering my tuition at WC, but when choosing a school, I wanted to choose the most economically responsible school so veterans after me will be able to continue to enjoy the benefits."
WC Spotlight - Kim Taylor
"The convenience of the campus made it much easier to juggle school and family."
WC Spotlight - Bryson Flippin
"I wouldn’t be going to school right now if it weren’t for how affordable WC is."
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WC-Spotlight: Claudia Inguanzo
"The cost is much less expensive than other universities or colleges near Wise County. It is about five minutes away from my house and I would not have to worry about expenses such as rent, food or gas."
WC Spotlight - Milton Johnson
"I feel starting out at Weatherford College is best for me, so that I can save money to assist in paying for my third and fourth years at a state school for my bachelor's. I also feel I will be more successful starting out at a smaller school as I get accustomed to college life."
WC Spotlight - Ashlyn De La Garza
"I come from a small town and feel Weatherford has numerous opportunities and offers a home-away-from home feel. The college is the perfect size for a beginner college student without being overwhelmed with the whole experience."
WC Spotlight - Amber Whisenhunt.
"I am someone who works very hard for what I want. At 28, after staying home with kids, I decided it was time I enrolled."
WC Spotlight - Jack Sherman
"The quality of education at Weatherford College is fantastic. I had no issue applying and transferring in to a larger University. If you apply yourself you will do great!"
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WC Spotlight - Victor Castle
"I believe it will help build a better framework to pursue a career that I will enjoy. It will help to better my standard of living."
WC Spotlight - Zoe Sherman
"Everyone here really seems to care about the success of the students. I always feel like someone has my back."
WC Spotlight - Tony Hurtt
What is the best part of your job?  "Helping people, being a servant to all and making WC look and run the best it can."
WC Spotlight - Sarah Nelson
"With my associates, fire certification and EMS certifications, I believe I will live a very comfortable life going into the field I'm choosing. I have no worries for the future, just excitement."
WC Spotlight - George Mugambi
"WC is the beginning. As a vocational nurse I will have modest financial safety as I pursue further education."
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WC Spotlight - Grace Hough
"My teachers care. I feel that they want to help their students achieve the best possible education while still leaving it up to the student to decide whether or not they make a good grade."
WC Spotlight - Wayne Garrett
"I am confident there are many students who had similar encounters with the outstanding instructors at WC. I could never say thank you enough for that life-changing conversation. Education truly opens the doors to so many possibilities in life."
WC Spotlight - Catherine Matthews
"The professors in the program come from all different sono-
graphy career backgrounds. This range of experience gives us students different outlooks and a broader spectrum for our future."
WC Spotlight - Tola Plusnick
"Students are not a number at WC. We know their names and share in their lives at school and away."
WC Spotlight - Taylor Maliska
"All of the professors are very nice and try to help you as much as possible. It is nice having smaller classes because you get that one-on-one feeling and can always ask for help."
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WC Spotlight - Amber Keith
"I see all the tradition, the wins, plus I'm playing for a male coach. I'm definitely used to having a male coach," she said. "Bob kind of reminds me of my granddad. It was an easy fit coming here."
WC Spotlight - Myrlan Coleman
"The students and my colleagues at the college have made my job a pleasure."
WC Spotlight - Vickie Durant
"I received a first class education that prepared me to enter a university with confidence."
WC Spotlight - Jessika Riviera
"The dorms are perfect, school is perfect, both the teachers and the classes."
WC Spotlight - John Turntine, Jr
"At WC, students are treated as individuals with varied ideas, thoughts and dreams. They are not just a number or a dollar sign – they are seen as learners with unlimited potential."
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WC Spotlight - Skylar White
"I have a personal relationship with my teachers and they are always there if I need help. My teachers have always been very accessible and willing to help in any way possible."
WC Spotlight - Rocco Davidson
"My WC education has provided me with a major stepping stone in my expectations of making a exceptionally rewarding living."
WC Spotlight - Allison Stamatis
"WC campus life helps to give our students a sense that they belong to something bigger than themselves; they are part of a community that cares about their present and future."
WC Spotlight - Joe Gonzalez
"I picked WC because my brother goes here. Also, it’s a great school and I love how the staff works with me in class and outside of class, as well."
WC Spotlight - Treyson Modgling
"I chose Weatherford College because it is a quality college that is close to home, and it is the most affordable for me."
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WC Spotlight - Christin Blake Gasca
"Once I decided I was going to graduate high school a year early,
I realized it might be a bit overwhelming to go straight into a university with thousands of students and no college experience."
WC Spotlight - Randall Lee Jackson, Jr
"How important was affordability when choosing to attend WC? 
It was very important, because money doesn’t grow on trees."
WC Spotlight - Scott Williams
“My main goal is to do my job to the best of my ability and to help my students succeed,” Williams said. “I hope that this award reflects that, as I do everything I can to help my students move forward with their education and reach a successful outcome."
WC Spotlight - Ralph Willingham
“Many students return and tell us that they wish they were still here because of the attention they received. The WC Family cares about students, and we wish them the best.”
WC Spotlight - Emily Ruppe
“This scholarship gives me hope. I feel like I am getting closer and closer to my dream with the help of scholarships and financial aid.”
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