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WC Spotlights

WC Spotlight - James Wood
"It is important for students to have a sense of belonging and feel welcome here."
Dr. Alexander Ibe "Seeing my students successfully transition into their respective field of studies – especially those who had doubts about themselves, teaching them how to think and hence, an astute scholar."
WC Spotlight - Madison Forrest
"It’s great to have professors who really invest in your goals and help you obtain them."
WC Spotlight - Lori Gouge
“Our instructors offer wonderful, personal and quality education.”
WC Spotlight - Anjelica Trevino
"Being a first generation student, I was worried the cost of college would destroy my dreams before anything, but being here and being able to get a great education – that means a lot."
WC Spotlight - Kurt Harris
"Smaller classes, great instructors, wide ranging curricu-
lum, tremendous staff, wonderful city, as well as financial savings are all established reasons for the belief that WC
is an outstanding choice for higher education."
WC Spotlight - Shelby Key
"The quality of the education I have received has been more than exceptional. I receive compliments from co-workers and clinical settings that we have been taught
very well in our program."
Christi Dayley - ECGB

"WC is a tight-knit community that really works together."

John Dougherty - WCWC Instructor
"There are always friendly staff members ready to serve
our students, as well as smaller classroom sizes for more individual attention and communication between students and faculty."
WC Spotlight - Jessica Flores "WC has been the perfect transition from high school." 
WC Spotlight-Grace Rothrock
"I love hearing from students who have continued their education at a university, and they report that they were better prepared in mathematics than many of the other students. It affirms to me that we are doing a great job in preparing our students."
"The teachers work very well with the students to make sure their job gets done."
WC Spotlight - Arelis Cora
"Individual attention at WC is also great since it is a small school the teachers know their students and you get that one-on-one attention that other schools can't give you because of the large classroom sizes."
WC Spotlight - Garrett Brooks
"Receiving a scholarship would greatly reduce personal stress as the Rad Tech program is very time consuming which results in difficulties in balancing school, work, and personal life." 
Spotlight - Kim Taylor
"The convenience of the campus made it much easier to juggle school and family."
WC Spotlight - Bryson Flippin
"I wouldn’t be going to school right now if it weren’t for how affordable WC is."
WC-Spotlight: Claudia Inguanzo
"The cost is much less expensive than other universities or colleges near Wise County. It is about five minutes away from my house and I would not have to worry about expenses such as rent, food or gas."
Milton Johnson
"I feel starting out at Weatherford College is best for me, so that I can save money to assist in paying for my third and fourth years at a state school for my bachelor's. I also feel I will be more successful starting out at a smaller school as I get accustomed to college life."
Ashlyn De La Garza
"I come from a small town and feel Weatherford has numerous opportunities and offers a home-away-from home feel. The college is the perfect size for a beginner college student without being overwhelmed with the whole experience."
WC Spotlight - Amber Whisenhunt.
"I am someone who works very hard for what I want. At 28, after staying home with kids, I decided it was time I enrolled."
Spotlight - Jack Sherman
"The quality of education at Weatherford College is fantastic. I had no issue applying and transferring in to a larger University. If you apply yourself you will do great!"
WC Spotlight - Victor Castle
"I believe it will help build a better framework to pursue a career that I will enjoy. It will help to better my standard of living."
WC Spotlight - Zoe Sherman
"Everyone here really seems to care about the success of the students. I always feel like someone has my back."
WC Spotlight - Tony Hurtt
What is the best part of your job?  "Helping people, being a servant to all and making WC look and run the best it can."
Sarah Nelson
"With my associates, fire certification and EMS certifications, I believe I will live a very comfortable life going into the field I'm choosing. I have no worries for the future, just excitement."
George Mugambi
"WC is the beginning. As a vocational nurse I will have modest financial safety as I pursue further education."
Grace Hough
"My teachers care. I feel that they want to help their students achieve the best possible education while still leaving it up to the student to decide whether or not they make a good grade."
Spotlight - Wayne Garrett
"I am confident there are many students who had similar encounters with the outstanding instructors at WC. I could never say thank you enough for that life-changing conversation. Education truly opens the doors to so many possibilities in life."
Catherine Matthews
"The professors in the program come from all different sonography career backgrounds. This range of experience gives us students different outlooks and a broader spectrum for our future."
Tola Plusnick
"Students are not a number at WC. We know their names and share in their lives at school and away."
WC Spotlight - Taylor Maliska
"All of the professors are very nice and try to help you as much as possible. It is nice having smaller classes because you get that one-on-one feeling and can always ask for help."
Amber Keith
"I see all the tradition, the wins, plus I'm playing for a male coach. I'm definitely used to having a male coach," she said. "Bob kind of reminds me of my granddad. It was an easy fit coming here."
Myrlan Coleman
"The students and my colleagues at the college have made my job a pleasure."
Vickie Durant
"I received a first class education that prepared me to enter a university with confidence."
Jessika Riviera
"The dorms are perfect, school is perfect, both the teachers and the classes."
John Turntine, Jr
"At WC, students are treated as individuals with varied ideas, thoughts and dreams. They are not just a number or a dollar sign – they are seen as learners with unlimited potential."
Skylar White
"I have a personal relationship with my teachers and they are always there if I need help. My teachers have always been very accessible and willing to help in any way possible."
Rocco Davidson
"My WC education has provided me with a major stepping stone in my expectations of making a exceptionally rewarding living."
Allison Stamatis
"WC campus life helps to give our students a sense that they belong to something bigger than themselves; they are part of a community that cares about their present and future."
Joe Gonzalez
"I picked WC because my brother goes here. Also, it’s a great school and I love how the staff works with me in class and outside of class, as well."
Treyson Modgling
"I chose Weatherford College because it is a quality college that is close to home, and it is the most affordable for me."
Christin Blake Gasca
"Once I decided I was going to graduate high school a year early, I realized it might be a bit overwhelming to go straight into a university with thousands of students and no college experience."
Randall Lee Jackson, Jr
"How important was affordability when choosing to attend WC?  It was very important, because money doesn’t grow on trees."
Scott Williams
“My main goal is to do my job to the best of my ability and to help my students succeed,” Williams said. “I hope that this award reflects that, as I do everything I can to help my students move forward with their education and reach a successful outcome."
Ralph Willingham
“Many students return and tell us that they wish they were still here because of the attention they received. The WC Family cares about students, and we wish them the best.”
Emily Ruppe

“This scholarship gives me hope. I feel like I am getting closer and closer to my dream with the help of scholar-
ships and financial aid.”