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WC Spotlight - Victor Castle

Spotlight - Victor CastleName:  Victor Castle

Course of study:  Associate of Science

Hometown:  Paradise

Are you a scholarship recipient? If yes, which one?  Ted Hartness Scholarship

What is the best part of attending WC?  The staff show that they care about the students and are willing to help.

What are your post-WC plans?  To further my studies in environmental science.

What are your favorite things to do when you are not at school or studying?  Hunting, fishing, playing with my twin boys.

What is your dream job?  Something to do outside in nature.

Who has been your greatest hero/mentor? Why?  My mother and father. They went back to school while raising kids.

What is your favorite book?  "The Life of Fred Bear"

How important was the proximity of WC to your home when choosing to attend?  Very important.

How would you describe the quality of education you have received at WC?  It has made me think more about what is important in life.

How would you describe the individual attention you have received at WC?  It is great to know that you can get help when needed.

What is your expectation of your ability to make living based off of your WC education?  I believe it will help build a better framework to pursue a career that I will enjoy. It will help to better my standard of living.

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