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WC Spotlight - Scott Butler

WC Spotlight - Scott ButlerName:  Scott Butler

Course of study:  Mechanical Engineering / Law School

Are you a scholarship recipient?  GI Bill / Military Benefits

What prompted you to choose your current course of study?  I want to make a difference and have a positive effect on people’s lives.

What is the best part of attending WC?  The comfortability of the campus, with instructors and staff being approachable to discuss things from course content to life struggles.

What are your post-WC plans?  To transfer to a university to obtain my bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and then to get into law school.

What are your favorite things to do when you are not at school or studying?  I like to ride my motorcycle, otherwise I am working or making a difference wherever I can.

What has been your favorite course, so far, at WC?  English I with Dr. Trey Jansen and Intro to Ethics with Dr. Greg Trickett – English I was my first course in a college environment, and Dr. Jansen did not censor our writing and promoted me to think more deeply about my topics, becoming aware of more than just my thoughts in my paper. Dr. Trickett allowed me to think universally, and I came to relate to some of the philosophers that we studied. Dr. Trickett was engaging and listened to alternate opinions different from his own, with lectures consisting of participation and varying perspectives.

How would you describe the campus life experience you’ve had at WC?  Campus life when I first started here at WC was an adjustment, but when the Veteran’s Center opened last fall it made the atmosphere much more enjoyable. Being a part of the Veteran’s Organization has also helped tremendously - having like-minded individuals who are striving to achieve their goals while also having relatable past experiences.

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