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WC Spotlight - Reese Oxner

WC Spotlight - Reese OxnerName:  Reese Oxner

Course of Study:  Graphic Design/Computer Programming

Hometown:  Springtown

Are you a scholarship recipient?  Yes, the William Rhea York Scholarship.

What is the best part of attending WC?  The people. I’ve met several of the faculty and staff who are passionate for what they do, and I’ve met interesting classmates.

What are your post-WC plans?  I am planning on transferring to UT Arlington for their Visual Communication and Computer Science/Engineering programs.

What are your favorite things to do when you are not at school or studying?  I love to read, draw and spend time in nature.

What is your dream job?  I’d like to be a UI/UX designer/developer and help design smarter ways to control and access technology. I’d like to work for companies who have missions that line up with my own world view.

Who has been your greatest hero/mentor?  My parents have been so supportive of me. I wouldn’t have enrolled without them. I was unsure my first semester if I’d be able to do well, and my parents were with me every step of the way. Almost every single paper I wrote I talked over with them first, and it helped me so much to have listening ears and support.

I first heard about WC from Adam Finley, and he’s helped me plan my degree, shown me where I could transfer to and encouraged me to join Phi Theta Kappa. Dr. Trey Jansen is the advisor for Phi chapter, and he is really good at it. He gives great advice, and I’m glad to have him as a mentor.

What is your favorite book?  The Bible. "To Kill a Mockingbird" is probably my favorite fiction book at the moment.

How would you describe the campus life experience you’ve had at WC?  I’ve met a lot of great people here, and I’m happy to be a part of this community. This year I will be the president of Phi chapter on campus, a chapter in the international honor society Phi Theta Kappa. I am very excited to get started, and I am very thankful for the opportunity. If anyone is interested in joining or hearing more, you can contact us at

How would you describe the quality of education you have received at WC?  It’s great. I’ve had teachers who are clearly passionate about their field and make a real effort to teach their students. I love to learn, and the teachers are always willing to further discuss their subjects.

How would you describe the individual attention you have received at WC?  It’s great. I can always drop by my teacher’s office to get help or just to talk about their class. Two of my teachers, Dr. Smith and Mr. Williams, have written my letters of recommendation, taken the time to talk with me about my goals and have really gone the extra mile for me. I appreciate that greatly, and I’m glad I am able to have a teacher-student relationship on a more personal level here at WC.

What is your expectation of your ability to make living based off of your WC education?  I am planning on transferring to a university after I earn my Associates, and I feel like WC has prepared me to take this next step. I’m glad I was able to start somewhere small and with a tighter knit community. I feel confident that WC has set me on the course to be successful in my career.


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