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WC Spotlight - Paulina Ponce Saucedo

Recipient of James and Dorothy Doss Scholarship from the WC Foundation.

Pauline Pounce-SaucedoName:  Paulina Ponce Saucedo

High School:  Jacksboro High School

Hometown:  Weatherford

What are your career plans?  My career plan is to receive a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Development. Being a teacher is an important role in society just as being a doctor. A doctor saves lives or treats sick people, but teachers educate young minds. They educate young minds by teaching them how to read and write, but they also teach them to improve their social skills. By going through with this career plan I know I will become an excellent educator.

Why did you choose Weatherford College?  I chose to attend Weatherford College because it is an excellent way to start my college education. Weatherford College has an atmosphere that makes you feel wanted. The school has kind people who try their best to assist one with any concerns or questions. Weatherford College provides educational resources to tutor students in subjects they may be struggling in.

How is your scholarship going to impact your life?  Any scholarship will impact by life by continuing to make progress in my education. I can keep attending Weatherford College and be able to pay for tuition, fees, text books and school supplies. Also, by receiving a scholarship I can finish the next school year at Weatherford College debt free, before transferring to another school. It is important to have money set aside that is only used for education. This way I can go to Texas Wesleyan University and do not have to worry on how I am going to pay for my education there.


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