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WC Spotlight - Noelle Ortiz

Recipient of the Roy and Jeanine Eaton Scholarship from the Weatherford College Foundation for Fall 2018.

WC Spotlight-Noelle OrtizName: Noelle Ortiz

High School: Trinity High School

Hometown: Boyd

Why did you choose Weatherford College?  Weatherford was a place that I could grab my bearing. I had been thrown into the world of big universities and didn't succeed the way I planned – not because I lacked the skill but because I needed a more personalized relationship. The convenience of the school in relation to home, flexible schedules, and small class sizes made it the perfect school for me. I have come back for four total semesters (and two more to go!) because every professor I have had the privilege of having has made it a priority for me to succeed.

What are your career plans?  As of now, I have been accepted into the Weatherford College Accelerated Summer Program for my ADN. Upon graduation, I plan on entering the workforce to pursue my career in nursing and strengthening my skills. Because I am core complete, I will be applying to the WC/MSU bridge program to obtain my bachelor’s degree. My goal is to become a NICU nurse after gaining my BSN and then working towards my master’s degree to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. My career goals will go as far as my education allows me because I truly do believe that furthering myself through education is such a vital part of becoming a great nurse.

How is your scholarship going to impact your life?  I made it a goal to get out of college debt free. Well, like most millennials that goal was not met. Going to a university caused me to take out some small loans to meet tuition requirements. WC not only attracted me for the above reasons but also for the price. Therefore not only would a scholarship help pay for my education but it would ensure that I would leave WC debt free.

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