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WC Spotlight - Myrlan Coleman

MColeman-artName: Myrlan Coleman

Position: Director - Program of Visual Arts

Hometown: Morton, Texas

How long have you been at WC?  45 years

What were your previous jobs?  I started to work here right out of college. I even still had to get a master’s degree, so I was employed to do all the advertising and audio-visual work here while I went to school full time.

What is the best part of your job?  The students and my colleagues at the college have made my job a pleasure.

What are your favorite things to do when you are not working?  Paint, draw, sculpt and be with family.

What was your favorite vacation?  I have loved each one. As a child, my dad wanted us to see the USA and learn of the history behind each place. Those vacations are a big part of my early memories.

What event helped shape your life?  Finding my husband, Jim.

Who is the most famous person you have personally met?  I’m not sure. Some of the people I have met I did not realize at the time were so famous. Stephen Magada, Charles Umlauf and others who were my professors are now included in Art History books. I met Alan Shepherd, Larry Hagman, and of course, Jim Wright, who is my friend. There are others I have met, but they would never remember me.

You are also known for the annual WC Christmas card which you paint the front image each year. How did that project come about?  I have painted a painting for the Christmas card since 1993 the first year that Dr. Jim Boyd was at Weatherford College. He had the idea of making it a tradition. I think that first card was my favorite, maybe because he was so grateful and so gracious, and perhaps because it was the bell from Old Main in its spot at the highest point on the campus. Oak wilt had not yet hit us, and the beautiful oak grove that surrounded it was just perfect. In addition, we had a rare early snow.

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