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WC Spotlight - McKenna Early

WC Spotlight - McKenna EarlyName:  McKenna Early

High School:  Weatherford High School

Hometown:  Bridgeport

Scholarship:  Recipient of the Southwest Ford Scholarship via the WC Foundation

What are your career plans?  I plan to get accepted into the RN program and earn my associates at Weatherford College and then transfer to Tarleton and earn my bachelor’s and master’s degrees. From then, I plan on moving back to Decatur and work at Decatur hospital as a nurse and work my way up as a charge nurse.

Why did you choose Weatherford College?  I chose Weatherford College because it was extremely affordable and very convenient from where I currently live. I enjoy how open and spacious it is compared to a university. I greatly appreciate the class room sizes because I need the one-on-one with the teacher because sometimes emails just don't cut it.

How is your scholarship going to impact your life?  A scholarship will impact my life in a tre-
mendous way. I pay for school by myself out of pocket to avoid student loans. During the school year I try to work 20+ hours a week while having 13+ hours of schooling. During the breaks I go back to working 40+ hours a week, trying to accumulate enough to pay for the next semester plus books and lab fees, and have enough left over to live off of. The nursing program I am applying for is a little over $8,000 and a scholarship will help me in unimaginable ways.


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