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WC Spotlight - Mary Howard

WC Spotlight - Mary HowardName:  Mary Howard

Position:  Library Technologist at WCWC

Hometown:  Bridgeport

How long have you been at WC?  Began in October 2015

What were your previous jobs?  I taught at Decatur Middle School for more than 30 years (Texas History, Language Arts and Technology). I worked for Bridgeport ISD for 10 years, where I was first a part of the Instructional Technology team and eventually the Instructional Technology Coordinator.

What is the best part of your job?  As for every teacher-at-heart, the best part is the interaction with other staff and students.

What are your favorite things to do when you are not working?  Of course, family time is important. We’re active in our church, where I serve on the vestry, maintain the website and teach a Teens and Tweens Sunday school class. I am part of a team that takes a full worship service to Decatur Senior Care each Sunday. My hobbies include sewing, making jewelry, and straw-bale gardening. I love to cook and I occasionally play a bad round of golf with my husband or son. There’s a lot to do out there that I haven’t tried yet. I’m always considering something new.

What was your favorite vacation?  I love sand and sea, so the Kennedy Space Center with the granddaughter was a recent favorite.

What event helped shape your life?  Not getting a job in my chosen field after graduate school.
I planned to leave education, but when I couldn’t get a job due to the oil bust of 1985, the compu-
ter classes I’d taken led me into educational technology, which I have loved.

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Who is the most famous person you have personally met?  While I didn’t personally meet them, Steve Jobs and Steve Wosniak both spoke and served as trainers at small Apple events
that I attended when Apple’s training facility was in Dallas. They certainly impacted my belief of technology being used to enhance education.

How would you describe the activity level of campus life?  Since WCWC is small, I have the chance to get to know who the students are. It’s not a big scary place like a university might be for students from smaller schools. There is a lot of peer interaction in and around the library, so it’s a great place for them to develop new skills they will need when they move on to their next school.

Why is campus life important?  Campus life, especially at WCWC, allows our students to expand their experiences while remaining close to their home support group and community.
I began school at a junior college, and it was a great way to meet new friends with similar backgrounds. When it was time for a university setting, I was ready and self-assured of my success.

Where does WC rank in affordability to students, in your opinion?  WC is very affordable!
For $98 per semester hour at Weatherford College Wise County (for Wise County residents), compared to UNT’s $203, Texas Tech’s $170, and TCU’s $1,415 per semester hour, it’s easy to see that getting basics done close to home is a money-saving no-brainer!

How would you describe the individual attention students receive at WC?  I’ve only been here a short time, but when professors stop by the library to check out reserved materials for struggling students, it says that professors truly care. Tutors are available for students who need help. And the attitude is that everyone deserves the best start possible, whether they are a recent graduate or a more mature adult perhaps beginning college after raising a family. I met a woman who was just beginning her college career at the urging of her daughter who is going to the Weatherford campus. That’s impressive.


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