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WC Spotlight - Marie Christie Francois

Willie and Hubert Bennet Scholarship from the WC Foundation

WC Spotlight - Marie Christie Francois

Name:  Marie Christie Francois

High School:  Sonlight Academy

Home country:  Haiti

What are your career plans?  I plan to graduate with a business major. I intend on going back home to Haiti to offer more jobs in my country by creating businesses that allow me
to do so. I really want to be able to help create more jobs in Haiti, and I also want to do mission work wherever God calls me.

Why did you choose Weatherford College?  A friend told me about Weatherford College, and when I looked into it I saw that they had a good business program.

How is your scholarship going to impact your life?  A scholarship would be an immense help.
I am from Haiti and exchanging Haitian money for American dollars is very expensive. Right now one American dollar is equal to 61.49 Haitian dollars.


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