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WC Spotlight - Kylee Studioso

WC Spotlight - Kylee StudiosoName:  Kylee Studioso

Position:  Recruitment coordinator

Hometown:  Edmonds, Washington

Years as a WC student:  2011-2013

Post WC education:  University of Central Arkansas for a bachelors and masters in Family and Consumer Sciences

What is the best part of your job?  Being back at Weatherford College and learning how to help incoming students.

How did your time at WC contribute to your success? 
Choosing to come to Weatherford College changed my life in the best way possible. Being part of a first-year softball program here really helped me see how to build things from the ground up. With this new job position it is like that in the way of we are building a new welcome center from the ground up. Having done something like that before gives me the insight and the drive I need to help make it successful.

Would you suggest WC to others?  I always suggest WC to anyone that asks me about it. I tell them a two-year school is the best way to get the core classes done with smaller class sizes and less money. If they are into sports as well, I let them know that the programs are just as competitive as division university teams.

What is your biggest achievement in life, so far?  My biggest achievement so far I think is moving out and moving far from home on my own at 23 and just figuring everything out.

What is your favorite memory of your time at WC?  I have so many memories at WC, from getting to know the police officers and calling them my family away from home to winning the Region 5 title in 2013 and going to nationals. Most of them involve my teammates and friends that I am still close with.

Did you have a favorite instructor or staff member?  A couple of instructors that always stood out to me were Andrew Ha, he always made math relatable and interesting. And coach Osina – I just really enjoyed talking to him when I was in his fitness class.

What are your favorite things to do when you are not working?  When I’m not working I love to travel, play softball and hang out with my puppy Bruce.

What was your favorite vacation?  My six-month trip to Italy, and in that trip going to small the towns of Formia, Gaeta and Sperlonga. My relatives live in the middle of all these cities and showed me the non-tourist side of Italy. The best gelato was in these towns.

What event helped shape your life?  Two events helped make me the person I am. One: being the oldest child of five kids. There is just something to be said about being apart of a big family. Two: coming to Weatherford for my first two years of college. It helped me learn about the type of person I wanted to be and how to deal with difficult situations. Most of all coming here taught me how to be an adult.

Why is campus life important?  It is important to bring students together. To give them a safe place and common ground to meet new people. It is also important for the students to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. So being a part of the college gives them that feeling.


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