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WC Spotlight - Kristal Jones

WC Spotlight - Kristal JonesName:  Kristal Jones

Course of Study:  Respiratory Care

Hometown:  Earth, Texas, but currently reside in Arlington

What prompted you to choose your current course of study?  When my goddaughter, Steeley Jo, was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, I wanted to find a way to have a positive impact on others with similar disease states. That’s when respiratory care called my name.

What is the best part of attending WC?  The class size and student/instructor interaction. We have such a great dynamic in the respiratory class of 2019, and we truly feel our instructors are dedicated to our success every step of the way.

What are your post-WC plans?  After becoming an RRT, I would like to continue my education and obtain a BSRC.

What are your favorite things to do when you are not at school or studying?  I love baking and hunting with my husband.

What is your dream job?  Respiratory therapist in critical care or trauma.

Who has been your greatest hero?  My Dad. He has overcome so many physical obstacles throughout his life, stayed positive and never quit striving for success. He taught me to be tough and that no physical limitation should ever hold you back in achieving your dreams.

What is your favorite movie?  Rocky IV. It’s a classic and a reminder that there’s a fighter in all of us.

What has been your favorite course, so far, at WC?  I would have to say Respiratory Care Procedures II. There is so much to learn in our industry, and this course provides great opportunities for hands on learning and technical skills development.

How important was the proximity of WC to your home when choosing to attend?  I had the opportunity to attend a program closer to my home in Arlington. However, WC is worth the drive! Having a smaller class size and devoted instructors made the choice to commute a lot easier.

How important was affordability when choosing to attend WC?  Affordability was very important. As a 30-something student, balancing life expenses with tuition can be a challenge, but WC provided great resources for scholarship opportunities, financial aid and/or loans.

How would you describe the campus life experience you’ve had at WC?  My experience with “campus life” has been through our Respiratory Club and the day-to-day interaction with my classmates. I have to say, it’s been fantastic! There is lots of laughs, support and friends that will go beyond our time at WC.

How would you describe the quality of education you have received at WC?  To be honest, I wasn’t very familiar with WC and I was hesitant going to a smaller college outside Tarrant County, but I have NEVER been more pleased with my decision to join the Respiratory program at WC. The instructors are so invested in our success and you can see it reflected in our grades and clinical practice. Don’t get me wrong, the program is a challenge, but the reward of graduating as some of the top therapists in Dallas/Ft. Worth is worth the hard work!

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