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WC Spotlight - Kevin Ordonez

MS and Meek Lane Doss Scholarship Recipient for Fall 2017

WC Spotlight - Kevin OrdonezName:  Kevin Ordonez

Hometown:  Wichita Falls

Program of Study:  Physical Therapy Assistant.

Why did you choose Weatherford College?  I was born and raised in Wichita Falls, and although the commute to the campus in Mineral Wells isn't short, it is definitely feasible. After doing some investigating and considering everything that I could, I realized Weatherford College was the clear choice. I am a service member in the National Guard and the fact that they seemed more willing to work with me, regarding obligatory monthly duty, was a huge component of my decision. I must also add that the instructors here are absolutely phenomenal; I cannot emphasize this enough. I've never met educators who cared so much about what they were teaching. Their extensive knowledge and experience of physical therapy equips them to offer a unique and, in my opinion, revolutionary methods of teaching to the table.

Describe your experience in the PTA program: This program is very demanding and is challenging me to unprecedented levels, but I am happy to say that I'm growing so much because of it. I've honestly recognized an increase in my intellect and ability to grasp difficult concepts; this is possibly due to my brain having to work so hard and getting more efficient! When you love what you are doing, hard work isn't hard. The PTA program at Weatherford College has had everything to do with my newfound passion for physical therapy.

What are your career plans?  My top priority is to use physical therapy to improve patients' quality of life. I have always wanted to work in the medical field and the practice of physical therapy is especially fascinating to me. I am blessed to say that upon completion of the program and other PTA requirements, I will begin working and gaining practical experience in the field of physical therapy. Hopefully, with the experience and solid financial foundation I will have acquired with time, I would like to establish my own private practice. My instructors have emphasized how important quality of patient care truly should be for us healthcare providers. Improvement in patient quality of life is my ultimate goal. Regarding my career plans, I will be happy wherever I can most help patients become the best they can be.

How does receiving a scholarship impact your life?  While pursuing an associate's degree in science for the past two years, I was able to hold two part-time positions. Now that I am in the PTA program, things are entirely different. School takes precedence for these two years. I would like to be able to work more and make money but I believe to get optimal results, one must put maximum effort into their practice. Focusing more on my educational goals will better serve my long-term goals. A scholarship lifts a financial burden off my shoulders so that I can focus on what matters most, my education.


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