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WC Spotlight - Karen Morado

Stuart Family Scholarship from the WC Foundation

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 Karen Morado

Hometown: Decatur

Why did you choose Weatherford College?  I chose to attend Weatherford College at Wise County because the college is close to home, small, and a lot more affordable than most community colleges. With being such a homebody, the thought of moving away from my friends and family to attend a big college terrified me. My family is very important to me and we have always had such a close bond that I could never imagine going months without seeing them. Being a small community college, Weatherford College has allowed me to get to know my instructors and even the Dean at a personal level that makes the college feel very heartwarming and welcoming. Knowing my instructors at personal level makes it easy for me to approach them about my concerns in class without shying away and entirely not saying anything.

How would you describe your experience at WC?  My first year here has been both challenging and exciting. I have met so many people and the professors here are very nice, welcoming and willing to work with you.

What field are you interested in pursuing after graduation?  After graduation, I am interested in pursuing a business and accounting degree. I want to work in banks, be a part of the corporate world and have the opportunity of negotiating internationally.

How does this scholarship impact your life?  I will not have to worry about being unable to attend college because of not having enough money to pay tuition, and most importantly, books. Every semester I struggle with not having enough money to buy/rent books. I have to borrow the course's textbook from a classmate or the library. It is very difficult not being able to afford my own book because I cannot study at home or follow readings with the rest of the class. Receiving this scholarship motivates me to keep working hard to complete my degree.

As a first-generation student, what prompted you to attend college?  Coming from a low-income family, growing up my family always emphasized the importance of receiving an education and being educated. After graduating from Decatur High School, I did not know what my life would become. I had no college plan and did not know what to do. Luckily, my aunt, a custodian at Carson Elementary, and my father, a construction worker, sat down with me one evening and made me realize the value of a college education … My father told me that evening that receiving a higher education was important, he told me he would rather pick up a pencil in the shade than to pick up a shovel in the burning heat. They encouraged me to go to college to make something of myself so that in the future I can live a better life.

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