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WC Spotlight - Joshua Davis

WC Spotlight - Joshua DavisName: Joshua Davis, Alumni

Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Did you receive a scholarship while attending WC?  Yes, the Alkek Theatre Scholarship

When did your interest in theatre begin?  I’ve always enjoyed acting and theatre since kindergarten. Putting on shows and entertaining people has always been something I have enjoyed!

How did you end up in Texas?  My family has always traveled, from Virginia to California. It was when the good Lord called my dad to Texas to start his own church that I came south.

What is the best part of attending WC?  I chose to come to Weatherford to start off small and get an idea on what college would be like. I did not want to rush into college and make too many mistakes as a freshman. The best thing about WC is the friends I made. Meeting people from all over the state has really helped me make friends and communicate.

What is your favorite memory of your time at WC?  My favorite memory would definitely have to be every opening night of each production I was in. I enjoy performing on stage so much and hearing the audience applaud every night.

Did you have a favorite instructor or staff member?  Nancy McVean would of course have to take the role of favorite instructor, but I’ve been with her so long she’s family. My (other) favorite instructor would be Professor Wolfe. She has pushed me and motivated me to do better in and out of the classroom

How would you describe the quality of education you received at WC?  The education I received was excellent. Being a community college, WC has some challenging courses. They really exercise your mind and your will to stay focused and dedicate your time to your studies.


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