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WC Spotlight - Jason Avelson

WC Spotlight - James AvelsonName:  Jason Avelson

Course of study:  Business Administration

Hometown:  Mineral Wells

Are you a scholarship recipient?  Yes, the 2015 Jim Bozzell Community Service Scholarship

What prompted you to choose your current course of study?  After the military, I worked for two companies, one as executive level management, but I felt I needed a better understanding of how businesses operate from all angles.

What is the best part of attending WC?  Representing WC as the Texas Regional President of Phi Theta Kappa, seeing our local students find firm footing in their academic future and then sky rocket towards their goals… and the chicken nuggets in the grill.

What are your post-WC plans?  I will pursue a Bachelors of Business Administration side-by-side with my Masters of Business Administration. It’s not the easiest route, but it never should be if you are truly reaching for your goals.

What is your dream job?  Although I’m sure most of us wouldn’t mind the “Lottery winner/retired philanthropist” title, my dream job would be to return to WC to teach and help be a part of the great atmosphere of student success and, of course, advise Phi Theta Kappa.

Who has been your greatest hero/mentor?  There is no question on this one. My greatest hero, my mentor, my champion, is Dr. Molly Harris. While she is at another institution now, during her time at WC, she was my best friend on campus. She inspired me in so many ways that mentioning even one would be a disservice to the others, but I will tell you she is the epitome of a servant leader. She gave so much to the students of WC, and more specifically Phi Theta Kappa, and did so knowing that in most cases it’s a thankless job with long hours. She will always be a part of my family, and we love her dearly.

What has been your favorite course, so far, at WC?  My favorite class so far at WC was College Algebra with Mrs. Wolfe. We all know that math at the college level can be daunting if you’re not well versed in it. I was no exception, but the class was taught incredibly well, by an instructor who cares very deeply about student success and inspiring students to do more than just sit in the chairs.

How important was affordability when choosing to attend WC?  Important, but not for the most common reason I would think. My veteran’s benefits are covering my tuition at WC, but when choosing a school, I wanted to choose the most economically responsible school, so veterans after me will be able to continue to enjoy the benefits.

How would you describe the campus life experience you’ve had at WC?  I’ve had a great time here at WC on campus. While most of my experiences were born of either Phi Theta Kappa or veteran’s events, I have enjoyed watching the great programs student life puts together and even more so, I enjoy watching the WCPD chief and officers participate in nearly all of them.

How would you describe the quality of education you have received at WC?  My overall educational experience at WC has been unbelievably awesome. I’ve watched professors, staff, and administrators in a variety of roles go above and beyond to ensure students were successful here at WC. No matter how far I get up the mountain, I’m positive I will always look back on my time here at WC and know it was the foothold I needed to continue up the slope.


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