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WC Spotlight - Grayson Adams

Recipient of M.D. Jirous Scholarship from the WC Foundation.

WC Spotlight - Grayson AdamsName:  Grayson Adams

High School:  Weatherford High School

Hometown:  Weatherford

What are your career plans?  My career plans are to graduate Weatherford College in 2017 with my associates of science. From there I plan to transfer to a university and get my bachelors in Kinesiology. Once I have achieved my educational goals, I want to pursue a career as a nutritionist.

Why did you choose Weatherford College?  I chose Weatherford College because of the transition from high school to college. I knew that Weatherford College did a good job at connecting to their students and being there when a student was in need. Financially, Weatherford College was in my family’s budget and made it easier for my parents to provide a college education for me.

How is your scholarship going to impact your life?  This scholarship would impact my life tremendously. It will help out with my parents financially as well as myself. With my educational plans and future, this scholarship will not only affect my years at Weatherford College but will help me with transferring to a university.


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