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WC Spotlight - Gail Henard

WC Spotlight - Gail HenardName:  Gail Henard

Position:  Cosmetology Instructor

Hometown:  Weatherford

How long have you been at WC?  Five years.

What were your previous jobs?  Salon owner and stylist.

What is the best part of your job?  Seeing a student master a difficult hair cut or hair color technique.

What was your favorite vacation?  The last vacation I got to take with my late husband to Colorado. It was the last time we were all together.

What event helped shape your life?  Getting my associated degree; it made it so I could become a full-time employee of Weatherford College.

Who is the most famous person you have personally met?  Sam Villa and Eric Fisher, both are top-rated educators in the cosmetology field; other than that, Dallas Cowboy’s Rayfield Wright (a neighbor) and Nate Newton.

How would you describe the activity level of campus life?  There activity level seems to be pretty much ongoing. It seems there is always a lot going on.

Why is campus life important?  You only live once and you need to enjoy every bit of it. I see my students making lifelong friendships.

Where does WC rank in affordability to students, in your opinion?  In regards to the cosmetology program, we are a third of the price of private beauty schools and we provide a quality education.

How would you describe the quality of education students receive at WC?  In regards to the cosmetology program, we have a higher passing rate than some of the private schools and you also earn college credit hours which can be applied towards an associate’s degree.


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