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WC Spotlight - Erin O'Connor

Southwest Auto Group Scholarship from the WC Foundation

Spotlight imageName:  Erin O’Connor

Hometown:  Weatherford

Why did you choose Weatherford College?  I chose Weatherford College as it has a stellar reputation for higher education and offers solid medical coursework that will support my future plans to become a certified registered nursing anesthetist. Also, due to it being local, I can continue to work part-time and save money towards transferring to a four-year university while living with my parents. I like the idea of my parents being close by as needed during my first year of college, knowing they fully support all of my educational decisions. I hope to achieve high grades at WC, so that I am eligible to receive additional scholarships when I transfer to a four-year university. I feel that WC will positively facilitate me to grow and mature, so that I will eventually transition more easily to a four-year university.

What field are you interested in pursuing after graduation?  I am very interested in the healthcare industry as I enjoy helping people gaining back good health and enjoy seeing their progress; this is very self-rewarding to me. I intend to earn my BS in nursing along with my RN license, I will then further my education by completing an MS degree in nursing. Due to wanting to specialize in anesthesiology, I will then take a certified exam to become a certified registered nurse anesthetist. I will also stay on the forefront of medical advances by completing continuing education classes while being employed full time as a CRNA. My goals are to ultimately become a CRNA working in a hospital initially learning all this setting has to offer. After becoming established in my career, I would like to branch out and work in an ambulatory care center where I can work more independently and where it offers preferred work hours as I plan to eventually marry and have children too.

How is your scholarship going to impact your life?  My parents are not able to afford to pay for most of my college expenses, even at a community college. This scholarship money will allow me to further my education, so that I may follow my dream of becoming a CRNA. Without it, I would have to work full-time and save towards paying for my own college which could take years to do or I would have to take out a lot of loans. This scholarship will help jump-start this process so that I could continue my education without any glitches in time and progress through my education in a timely manner. And it will help to keep my educational costs down in the long run, so I wouldn't have huge amounts of loans to pay off when I graduate.

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