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WC Spotlight - Erik W. Carr

Name:  Erik W. Carr

Course of Study:  Education

Hometown:  Joshua

What prompted you to choose your current course of study?  Before coming back to school, I obtained my fire certification and B-EMT. After a hard night on shift, I decided the occupation was not for me. I then received my Texas electricians license trying to make my family happy. I was unhappy with where I was in life and had a desire to help others, leading to my current course of study.

What are your post-WC plans?  I plan on transferring to UTA so I may continue my education. After receiving my bachelors, I plan on doing a rollover program to achieve my masters then, after, obtaining my doctrine.

What are your favorite things to do when you are not at school or studying?  My favorite hobbies consist of mainly reading. I enjoy more factual based books but enjoy a good fictional book as well.

What is your dream job?  My dream is to become a college professor or school district superintendent.

Who has been your greatest hero?  My hero would be my grandmother. I had a rough childhood and was lucky enough to have my grandmother adopt me early in life. I would not be the man I am today without her. I owe everything to my mama. Everything I have achieved or will achieve in my life is thanks to her. She has been everything I needed her to be and much much more.

What is your favorite book?  My favorite book has always been Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. I have always loved the story of the misunderstood creature with a rough beginning.

What has been your favorite course, so far, at WC?  My favorite course so far has been English 1301, not for course material but for the instructor. Mrs. Jennifer Smith was the reason I loved the course and am currently enrolled in her 1302 course. She is caring, humorous and understanding. She always takes time out of her crazy schedule to help me with anything I may need help with. She has helped me persevere through all adversity. She’s really an inspiring person.

How important was affordability when choosing to attend WC?  It was incredibly important and the whole reason I chose the institution. I am taking all the course I can on my UTA degree plan, due to the affordability and access to your instructors.

How would you describe the campus life experience you’ve had at WC?  Weatherford College has been amazing. It offers tons of programs for students. The facilities are always clean, and the staff is always friendly.

How would you describe the quality of education you have received at WC?  The quality of education is equal to any big D1 college. The only difference is you get to develop relationships with your instructors.

How has Weatherford College changed your life?  Weatherford College has given me the opportunity to pursue my dreams and given me the means to achieve them.

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