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WC Spotlight - Cheryl Rodriguez

WC Staff Member of the Year

Cheryl Rodriguez

Name:  Cheryl Rodriguez

Position:  LMS Administrator/Adjunct Instructor BCIS

Hometown:  Basically San Marcos, California, but Dad was in the Marine Corps so we travelled from the east to west coast several times before I was 13, finally settling in the North San Diego County Area of San Marcos.

How long have you been at WC?  Since 2008, I started as a student in the Web Design program.

What were your previous jobs?  At WC, I have worked as a tutor in the BCIS department, an adjunct instructor, and now as the Learning Management System administrator. Prior to coming to WC, I was the content manager for 18 years for Thomson Reuters EndNote, where I was the subject matter expert in all things bibliographic. Prior to that, I worked at the Unified School District in San Marcos, first in accounting, then with the Special Education program as their IT learning specialist and workability coordinator, where I also managed the High School Career Center and the School-to-Work program.

What is the best part of your job?  Working with faculty, staff and students. I love puzzles and especially enjoy figuring out how something works and then teaching it to others.

What are your favorite things to do when you are not working?  I quilt and work on my machine embroidery. I absolutely love to teach reading and tutor kids who are at risk. I also enjoy just spending time with my crazy husband and our sweet dogs.

What was your favorite vacation?  The summer my family and I spent in the museums in Washington, D.C. I was only in the 4th grade, but it was the most memorable time I ever spent with my family. I love history, and that year my dad was the Captain of the Guard at the re-enactment ceremony at Ft. McHenry – to say we knew the Star Spangled Banner inside-out is an understatement!

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What event helped shape your life?  There are so many moments, but I would have to say that throughout my life, I had always turned in one direction – to my dad. He was the most important person to me growing up because he instilled such a sense of responsibility in all of us. We were taught at a young age that if we were going to do something, that we should do it to the best of our ability. He was there every single time I fell as an adult and stayed with me during some really rough times. Even though he is gone now, I still sense his presence in the little things that I do each day. My dad was a devout Christian, he helped me see that God was in control, even though he was losing his battle with cancer. When I faced a similar situation – it was easy to turn it over to God and let Him reign. Today it is my mom, and she is my inspiration. At 83, she still owns her own business and is going strong. I can only hope to be as strong when I’m her age.

Who is the most famous person you have personally met?  I was honored to meet Brig General William Weise in 2001. My father served with him in Vietnam and BGen Weise came to do my dad’s eulogy. After hearing about him for so many years it was amazing to meet him in person.

How would you describe the activity level of campus life?  WC seems to be steadily improving. Every week it seems like another group is popping up for the kids to participate in. There are so many activities that students and staff can participate in; some academic and some just for fun. I especially enjoy seeing our student artists perform.

Why is campus life important?  Campus life is an essential part of any college. We’re not as big as some of the other schools in our part of Texas, but we are an extension of the student’s learning experience. We need to provide growth in areas beyond the classroom. I believe we are doing a pretty good job.

How would you describe the individual attention students receive at WC?  We have some extremely dedicated professors and staff here at WC who go above and beyond to make sure that students succeed. We are that bridge that they have to cross into their careers or their next educational institution, and it can make or break their experience. Personally, I spend as much time as they require making sure they acquire the information necessary to pass my classes and move on to the next challenge.

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