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WC Spotlight - Charly Perez

Recipient of the Roy and Helen Kelley Johnson Scholarship from the
WC Foundation.

WC Spotlight - Charly Perez

Name:  Charly Perez

High School:  Weatherford High School

Hometown:  Weatherford

What are your career plans?  I plan to earn an associate’s degree at Weatherford College and then continue to take courses that transfer over to a four-year university. After earning all the transferable credits at Weatherford College, I plan to transfer to the University of Texas at Arlington. From there I will follow the accounting plan for a bachelor’s degree.

Why did you choose Weatherford College?  In high school, I took a dual credit algebra class through Weatherford College. After finishing my dual credit class in high school, I began to look at four-year universities that I wished to attend. Before I officially made my decision to go UTA, I toured the Weatherford College campus and learned about what Weatherford offered. Weatherford was more affordable, it was closer to home and I had heard from older graduates that it was a good community college. After attending my first semester at Weatherford College, I knew it was the right choice. I am glad to say I will continue to attend Weatherford and earn an associate’s degree.

How is your scholarship going to impact your life?  Going to school and earning that degree that will get you the dream job that you’ve always wanted is a long journey. A scholarship will make my journey a little easier and it will reassure me that this is not an impossible goal. I always told myself I would finish the four years of school, no matter what it took. I wouldn’t let anything keep me from getting an education, especially not money. Working, applying for scholarships and loans (my last option), is what I am doing in order for me to go to school. I have to figure out the college process on my own (applying, scholarships, credits needed, other requirements). I look for guidance and anything that will help me move forward or gain an advantage. A scholarship will make this journey possible.


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