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WC Spotlight - Brenda Pacheco

WC Spotlight - Brenda PachecoName:  Brenda Pacheco

Position:  Student Services Secretary

Hometown:  Decatur

How long have you been at WC?  As a student, I began taking classes in the fall of 2010. I started working full time at WCWC in September 2012.

What is the best part of your job?  Helping and preparing students to further their education

What was your favorite vacation?  Visiting my grandmother every summer

What event helped shape your life?  Becoming a mother

Where does WC rank in affordability to students, in your opinion?  Students have the opportunity to complete their basic courses for an affordable and reasonable price.

How would you describe the quality of education students receive at WC?  Students receive a high quality education which prepares them for the future.

How would you describe the individual attention students receive at WC?  The fact that we know our students by name says a lot about the attention they receive. The interaction the students have with the faculty and staff is visible all around campus.


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