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WC Spotlight - Avery Shifflett

Name:  Avery Shifflett

High School:  Weatherford High School

What prompted you to enroll in dual credit?  To receive college credit before transferring to a university.

Do you attend classes on a WC campus or through your high school?  Online and high school in the fall.

What are your plans after graduating high school and/or Weatherford College?  To attend Texas Tech University.

What are your favorite things to do when you are not at school or studying?  Being around livestock.

What is your dream job?  Ag Extension Agent

Why has been your greatest mentor?  My multiple Ag teachers have inspired me to become like them.

How important have dual enrollment classes been in furthering your education?  Dual credit enrollment has given me an advantage over my classmates. WC has prepared me for the next level of education with professors who guide you from the first course you take.


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