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WC Spotlight - Amber Whisenhunt

Name:  Amber Whisenhunt

High School:  Mineral Wells High School

Hometown:  Weatherford

Scholarship:  Amber is a recipient of the Sharon Pearson Bartling Scholarship.

What is your background?  I am someone who works very hard for what I want. At 28, after staying home with kids, I decided it was time I enrolled. Since then I have worked very hard to maintain my grades and do well in all my classes. As a mother of nine (five of my own and four step-children), the scholarship would help me complete my goal with less financial debt.

What are your career plans?  My career plan is to graduate here at Weatherford and then to continue on at either Texas Tech or UTA to get my bachelor’s degree. I want to continue my school while working as a nurse. My dream job would be in pediatrics at a hospital like Cook Children’s.
I plan to gain experience and work my way up to that.

Why did you choose Weatherford College?  I chose Weatherford College because it is where
I live and affordable. Since it is close I can continue to be active in my children’s lives.

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