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WC Spotlight - Adam Finley

Name:  Adam Finley

Position:  Executive Dean of Student Services

Hometown:  Wichita Falls

How long have you been at WC?  12 years

What were your previous jobs?  I started working at WC right after I graduated from college, but my last employment was with CVS, where I worked as a pharmacy technician and a mystery shopper. 

What are you most looking forward to in your new role at WC?  I enjoyed my previous position as associate dean and debated about making the transition to Executive Dean of Student Services. Ultimately, my decision to make the change was to continue the leadership student services experienced under Mrs. Kathy Bassham, our former dean, and to incorporate new ideas that the administration supports. What I look forward to is being a part of the process to keep moving the institution forward, especially in the area of student success.   

What is your best memory, so far, of working at WC?  There are two fond memories I can recall. The first was when I was a student at WC and I met my future wife in Mr. Miller’s govern-
ment class. The second was when I took on student discipline and had my first case. The student
I worked with still has contact with me today. I felt I was able to make a difference in his life and he made a difference in mine. 

What are your favorite things to do when you are not working?  I have three children. When I'm not working, I look forward to spending time with them and my wife. We typically spend our free time with friends and family and are usually outside playing corn-hole when the weather permits or are indoors playing wahoo or dominos.  

What event helped shape your life?  There have been many, but the event that helped shaped my adult life was getting married and having children. It forced me to look at the world differently. Secondly, choosing to attend Weatherford College. Attending WC ultimately led to me meeting my wife and impacted my future career.

How would you describe the activity level of campus life?  Active. I'm always surprised at the level of involvement from students at WC. Students are engaged at WC and making a difference.

Where does WC rank in affordability to students, in your opinion?  Two-year institutions like WC, are significantly cheaper than four-year institutions and offer personalized instruction for core curriculum coursework and technical education. When I graduated from high school, I chose to attend a four-year institution, but ultimately ended up at WC before going back to a university. My transfer school offered tremendous opportunities, but in looking back, Weatherford College pro-
vided the environment and academics that ultimately shaped me into the person I am today. 

How would you describe the quality of education students receive at WC?  Extraordinary. Weatherford College faculty are top notch. I hear this time and time again from students in my office, and it my personal experience. 

How would you describe the individual attention students receive at WC?  I have spoken with several students who came to Weatherford College after attending other institutions. The com-
ments students make are they are surprised by the level of service WC provides to students from admissions, financial aid, business services, academic support services, to instruction. While there is always room for improvement, Weatherford College treats each student as an individual and attempts to meet their particular need academically and financially.


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