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WC presents “Everyman,” a tale of morality

WC presents “Everyman,” a tale of morality.

Weatherford College presents “Everyman,” a Christian morality play written in the Middle Ages, Feb. 25 through Feb. 27 in the Alkek Fine Arts Center. Show times are 7:30 p.m. each evening, doors open a half hour prior to the start and admission is free.

Everyman, written around 1520 by an anonymous author, is one of the best known morality plays of the era.

God, unhappy with the sinful state of the world, commands Death to summon Everyman to a reckoning of his deeds. Everyman pleads for more time. Death refuses, but grants Everyman permission to bring any along who might take the journey with him and help his case. In the end, having been refused by his friends and family and abandoned by his inner/outward qualities, he has no one to travel with him to the beyond except for his Good Deeds.

In contrast to the other classical religious plays, such as mystery plays (which depict stories from the Bible), and miracle plays (which depicted the lives of the saints), morality plays were stories meant to teach how to be worthy of heaven by leading a proper Christian life, said Director James Brownlee. As such, Everyman features some fairly extraordinary characterizations within its makeup.

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“The characters God and Death are fairly straightforward, but Everyman himself is meant to represent everyone in the world,” Brownlee said.

“Likewise, the characters Fellowship, Kindred, Cousin, Goods, Knowledge, Strength, Beauty, Discretion, etc. are personifications of archetypes and inner human qualities as opposed to representations of actual human beings.

“These are very abstract concepts for a play that made its debut four centuries before the symbolist and surrealist movements. To this day, Everyman remains one of the beautiful and most often performed plays of its kind. May you take great pleasure in seeing this preserved gem.”

The Weatherford College production of “Everyman” includes Johnathan Choate as God/Fellowship, Joshua Davis as Death, Tyler Livingston as Everyman, Cole Lucas as Goods/Five Wits, Patti Sue Noe and Kindred/Discretion, Niquel Barnett as Cousin/Angel, Tyler Carlson as Confession/ Strength, Elizabeth Ramsey as Beauty, Jewelia Emery as Good Deeds and Emanuel Garcia as Knowledge.

The production crew includes Director, James Brownlee; Stage Manager/Assistant Director, Tamara O’Connor; Set/Lighting Design, Joseph Nicikowski; Costume Design, Kristen Monroe; Sound Design, James Brownlee; Assistant Stage Managers, Schyler Douglas and Carolina Gonzalez; and Technical Director, Joseph Nicikowski.

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