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WC hosts 14th annual Coyote Area Math Championship

14th annual Coyote Area Math Championship.

High school students from surrounding districts converged on the Weatherford College campus on Feb. 5 to put their wits to the test in the annual Coyote Area Math Championship.

Students competed in pre-calculus and calculus competitions. The day also included a motivational talk by Nick Reynoso, a supplier quality engineer at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, where he is a member of the Operations Leadership Program and president of LMents, a Lockheed organization for early career employees.

In his speech, entitled "From energy to aircraft, the common variable is math,” Reynoso discussed compact fusion, additive manufacturing, computer programing and how math is the underlying key variable.

Plains Capital Bank in Weatherford helped again by sponsoring the event.

Winners of the Coyote Area Math Championship are:


Calculus - 1stPlace

1st place: Brewer High School Bojana Ivanic, Sarah Clark, David Grafford-Gaby, Boozaziel Chavez

Calculus - 2nd place

2nd place: Weatherford High School - John Opella, Reagan Wiggs, Kenzie Ballard, Bridget Ovrada

Calculus - 3rd place

3rd place: Stephenville High School - Sam Weber, Santi Gallego, Zach Gentry, Lariat Larner



1st place: Mineral Wells High School - Don Turner, Shelby Shipp, Kate Gilbreath, Angelica Antonio

Pre-Calculus 2nd place

2nd place: Stephenville High School - Nick McLatchy, Laura Waldron, Giselle Bauer, Luke Ballard

Pre-Calculus 3rd Place

3rd place: Abilene Christian High School - Amanda Hernandez, Jack Harrison, Mikayla Condra, J.D. Schwiethale

Individual Results


Katie McCullough – Trinity Christian Academy Angelica Antonio – Mineral Wells High School


Smith Graham – Graham High School Jack Harrison – Abilene Christian High School


Bojana Ivanic – Brewer High School Nick McLatchy – Stephenville High School


John Opella – Weatherford High School Kate Gilbreath – Mineral Wells High School


Coleman Haley – Abilene Christian High School Ethan Plevak – Trinity Christian Academy


Joey Sandlin – Glen Rose High School Jonothon Hong – Glen Rose High School


Sarah Clark – Brewer High School Emily Sherman – Trinity Christian Academy


Reagan Wiggs – Weatherford High School Giselle Bauer – Stephenville High School


Sam Weber – Stephenville High School Hudson Peavy – Graham High School


Angela McCullough – Trinity Christian Academy Will Walton – Graham High School

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