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Voluntary Student Housing Move Out Plan

Any Weatherford College student who wishes to voluntarily move out of campus housing may do so utilizing the schedule below. It is imperative that you follow this so that appropriate social distancing occurs and take no longer than 30-45 minutes to remove all of your belongings. Envelopes will be on your door with specific instructions to avoid charges.

  • March 23rd (8am to 4pm) – Third floors of Buildings 2 and 3. 
  • March 24th (8am to 4pm) – Second floors of Buildings 2 and 3. 
  • March 25th (8am to 4pm) – First floors of buildings 2 and 3. 
  • March 26th (8am to 4pm) – Building 4. 

If you are unable to make your scheduled move out time, please contact our offices at 817-598-8876 or e-mail Faith Stiffler at

For students who chose to remain in campus housing you may return March 29, 2020 and must e-mail Faith Stiffler ( prior to returning. The Weatherford College cafeteria will remain closed through the remainder of the term; however, prepared meals will be provided to students who will remain in housing. Additional information will be provided to students at later date.