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Romance on The Hill

Lindsey and Jason Price.

As it so often does, it began with a glance . . .

Lindsey and Jason Price married four years ago, but their romance dates back to their freshman year at Weatherford College in the fall of 2002. Jason had just graduated from Weatherford High School; Lindsey from Western Hills High School in Fort Worth.

As Lindsey entered Brad Tibbitts’ history class, Jason held the door open for her. When she showed up again in his psychology class with Don Jacobs, Jason took note.

“As I opened the door it illuminated the class, and I remember standing there for a second just staring at Lindsey thinking, ‘This girl is in, like, all of my classes! Who is she? Dang, she’s cute,’” Jason recalled. “I sat down and we casually glanced at each other during the lecture.”       

They officially met later that same week as they began walking to the parking lot at the same time.

“We kept making eye contact with one another, but neither of us said anything,” Lindsey said. “Finally, we arrived at the top of the staircase and our eyes met one last time before I tripped and stumbled down a step or two of the staircase. I was so embarrassed.”

They had been walking next to one another in silence for a while, and Jason thought it would be strange if he didn’t say something soon. But he didn’t know how to break the ice.

“So right at the moment I was going to say, “Hi,” she tripped right at the top of the stair case, and I was able to spring into action and say what I wanted to say,” he said.

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Despite their growing romantic feelings for each other, Lindsey and Jason kept their relationship platonic that first year at WC. Jason described their friendship as natural.

“With Lindsey, I thought it was so special we could flirt and study together, and still have this intrigue about each other,” he said. “I'm thankful for those early days. I think it's a blessing to get to know someone like that, when you're young and first stepping out in the world.”

The pair further solidified their relationship with weekly study dates in the WC library. Lindsey said she looked forward to each one because it provided her an opportunity to learn more about Jason and his intellectual side. Then there were the walks back to the parking lot where they would try to fend off their shyness by coming up with something to talk about rather than part ways for the day.

“I remember I showed off one day by skateboarding around the parked cars and down the hill; which was crazy because that hill is no joke,” Jason said. “Lindsey was all smiles. There are a lot of little things about WC that remind us of how we meet.”

The pair transferred together to Texas State University in 2004 where Lindsey studied education and theatre while Jason focused on public administration and business.

During all that time they continued to grow closer. Then, after six years of dating, Jason took Lindsey back to the WC campus in September of 2009 to propose. It was her 26th birthday.

“He had recently taken up photography as a hobby and asked if I would want to go back to WC to take pictures,” Lindsey said. “He knew I've always held a fondness for Weatherford College because of the time we spent there and he figure taking some pictures there would be right up my alley.”

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Once on campus, Jason set up his camera right in front of the staircase where they first met. Lindsey was using a nearby window to check her reflection before he took her photo when Jason came running up to her.

“He grabbed me, and I thought something was wrong,” Lindsey said. “Then, he proceeded to tell me he had waited his entire life to ask me this question. I still didn't really have a clue, and he slowly pulled something from his back pocket and began to drop to one knee.”

“I had set the camera timer to 12 seconds and freaked out,” Jason added. “l wanted to capture it with a picture, but I seriously underestimated how long 12 seconds was, hence the running up to Lindsey.  It was a really nice moment; the camera went off as I was down on one knee.”

Lindsey and Jason were married on Dec. 17, 2010 at Piazza in the Village in Colleyville.

“Our wedding day is still the best day of my life,” Lindsey said. “It was an incredible day filled with love, family, friend and wonderful memories.”

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They currently live in Benbrook where they recently purchased their second home.

“We love working on projects together to fix it up,” Lindsey said about the house.

“She likes thinking up projects and I pretend to like doing them,” Jason interjected with a smile.

Also, Lindsey recently earned a master's degree in School Counseling and hopes to make the transition from second grade teacher to school counselor in the fall. Jason works as a program planner for Lockheed Martin.
Price wedding photo
Both agree that their time at WC had a significant impact on their future. Lindsey said their lives would not be what they are today without Weatherford College.

“I referred to WC as ‘Harvard on the Hill,’ growing up, but I really appreciated my time there,” Jason said. “WC is a good place to learn those first collegiate lessons in life. I was just lucky to also meet the love of my life.”

And, in her own way, Lindsey knew from the first time their eyes met on the WC campus that Jason was the one with whom she would spend her life.

“I believe you can be attracted immediately to someone, as I was to Jason, but the love comes later,” she said. “It's what grows and develops over time. I am beyond blessed to have known my husband for going on 15 years. We've been through so much together, and it all started with that first glance.”

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