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Why do I have to be a Registered Nurse to start this program?

The Weatherford College RN-to-BSN program is a post-licensure program, meaning a RN license is a requirement for admission. The post-licensure program builds upon foundational nursing knowledge obtained in a prelicensure program. Click here for information on becoming an RN through the Weatherford College Associate Degree Nursing Program.

After submitting my application and paperwork to the nursing program, how will I know if I am accepted or not?
Letters will be sent out to all applicants approximately six to eight weeks after the deadline.

How long is the waiting list for the nursing program?
Weatherford College Nursing Department does not keep a waiting list. The class is selected on a point system. If applicant does not have enough points to be selected, applicant will need to retake prerequisite courses for a better grade, and then reapply to the nursing program.

How many points does it take to be selected to the RN-to-BSN program?
Every year is different.

What if there is a tie in cumulative points, what is the tiebreaker?
If there is a tie breaker necessary, RN’s working in rural communities as defined by the HRSA and Weatherford College ADN graduates and will be given priority admission.

Is this program or any of the courses offered in a face-to-face format?
At this time all nursing courses are offered fully online only. Please review the Program Tech Requirements page for more information about required technology.

For all additional questions, call Becky Fryer, the RN-to-BSN program secretary at 817-598-6348 or email her at

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