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Information Systems Certificates

This certificate prepares students for proficiency in the use of computer software. Emphasis of the program is on a wide variety of application programs, a foundation in computer programming, and an introduction to mobile app development. This course of study is for the person who wants to gain knowledge and skills for entry-level positions in business and industry. Students must be proficient in keyboarding prior to enrolling in and pursuing this degree. Students who successfully complete the following courses can be awarded this certificate. This certificate program can also be used for completion of the Information Technology A.A.S. – Information Systems Option. Students must adhere to prerequisite courses as described in the course descriptions in the WC catalog. (29 hours to complete)

First Semester (15 total hours)

Course # Course Name Hours
ARTC 1313 Digital Publishing I 3
BCIS 1305 Business Computer Applications 3
IMED 1316 Web Design I 3
ITSC 2321 Integrated Software Applications II 3
ITSW 1304 Introductions to Spreadsheets 3

Second Semester (14 total hours)

Course # Course Name Hours
ARTC 2313 Digital Publishing II 3
CPMT 1351 IT Essentials: PC Hardware & Software 3
ITSC 1391 Special Topics in Computer & Information Sciences
(App Development)
ITSW 2334 Advanced Spreadsheets 3
ITSC 2286* Internship, Computer & Information Sciences 2

* Students work 6 hours each week at an approved place of employment.