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Presidential Core Values

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President's Core Value Coin Recipients

“Values shape the actions of both individuals and institutions. At the heart of my actions as the 20th President of Weatherford College are the Presidential Core Values of faith, hope, and love.

Faith in our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community. Faith that the better traits of humanity will prevail.

Hope that our shared future can be even brighter than our distinguished past.

And love, a love that transcends all that divides us, and permeates every facet of our culture of caring.

At Weatherford College, we want to do more than provide our students with high quality credentials.

We want to produce persons of character that will add value to our society.

We want to produce graduates that our employers will want to hire and promote.

We want to produce the type of citizens that you would be glad to have as a neighbor, a friend, or even as a family member.”

– President Tod Allen Farmer