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Guided Pathways

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Guided Pathways is a national initiative designed to remove roadblocks for students in their pursuit of higher education degrees and certificates. At Weatherford College, we care about your success and we strive to guide you on a direct path to reaching your overall goals with the least amount of obstacles.

The Four Pillars within the Guided Pathways approach:

  1. Mapping pathways to student end goals
  2. Helping students choose and enter a pathway
  3. Keeping students on the path
  4. Ensuring that students are learning

Video by California Community College Chancellor’s Office

Weatherford College Guided Pathways Leadership Team

  • Dr. Tod Allen Farmer, Weatherford College President
  • Dr. Andra Cantrell, Executive Vice President of Financial & Administrative Affairs
  • Mike Endy, Vice President of Instruction & Student Services
  • Adam Finley, Executive Dean of Student Services
  • Latonya Hines, Assistant Director of Admissions & International Advisor
  • Dr. Alexander Ibe, Dean of Academics
  • Dr. Sarah Lock, Associate Dean of Dual Credit & eLearning
  • Kay Landrum, Executive Director Student Outreach and Student Success
  • Janetta Kruse, Dean of Workforce Education
  • Rhonda Torres, Dean of Education & Instructional Support
  • Katherine Boswell, Dean of Health & Human Services
  • Lee Butler, Interim Associate Dean of Enrollment Management/Registrar
  • John Turntine, Director of Student Engagement and Career & Transfer
  • Donnie Purvis, Director of Financial Aid
  • Gwen Crabtree, Testing Director
  • Steve Malley, Director, Public Safety
  • Dawn Kahlden, Director, Office of Disabilities
  • Tonya Piehl, Respiratory Care Program Director & Faculty Senate President
  • Shannon Stoker, Learning Foundations Department Chair
  • Shirley Brown, Math Department Chair
  • Traci McKinley, Speech Instructor & Assessment Coordinator
  • Dr. Jared Abraham, English Faculty
  • Dr. Trey Jansen, English Professor
  • Becki Byrd, Student Services Coordinator, Wise County
  • Shantee Siebuhr, Guided Pathways Specialist

Contact Information:

Shantee Siebuhr, Guided Pathways Specialist