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New Loans

All students who have never had a loan at WEATHERFORD COLLEGE must follow these directions, even if you have had student loans in the past at other schools!

NOTE:  If you have never previously attended any college or university (not including high school dual credit), your first semester Federal Direct Student loan disbursement will be held for 30 days from the first class start date. This is a federal regulation that WC has no control over. You cannot use these funds to pay tuition or books before the disbursement date. This does not affect any Grant funds that you may receive.

Step 1:  Complete the FAFSA process

Step 2:  You must turn in a Loan Request Form. Form can be found on our Forms page in the section for the year you are applying for. Forms may be returned in person, via mail or fax.

Step 3:  Complete online Entrance Counseling for UNDERGRADUATE students. (Must be done every year)

Step 4:  Complete electronic (MPN) Master Promissory Note (only if first time at WC). Must use FAFSA PIN to sign the MPN.