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Financial Aid Overview

Weatherford College is dedicated to the idea that no student wishing to pursue a college education should be denied that opportunity. In determining the need for financial assistance, the Financial Aid Office is guided by its estimate of each student.

You can check your financial aid status on myWC.

Please note, myWC is now the primary way the financial aid office notifies you of your current financial aid status. You can view your awards or any missing information that we need for you will be available here. Every student who has applied for admission to the college has a student ID.

Student Refunds

Fall 2019: The first round of refunds will be issued starting September 19, 2019, beginning with Pell Grants and Student loans. All other funds will be refunded September 27, 2019, then weekly thereafter. The best way to verify if you will be receiving a refund is to view your Campus Connect account status. This online system will show if all your financial aid funds have been applied to your student account and if you are due a refund. We strongly encourage you to educate yourself on this process. As always, we must first verify you are attending classes.

Buying Books with Financial Aid

Students may be eligible to purchase books from our bookstore by charging to their student account. If you have already been awarded federal student aid and you have enough funds to pay for tuition and fees plus books, then you may use these funds to purchase books at the Texas Bookstore during bookstore charge dates. Contact either the Texas Bookstore or the Financial Aid Office for book charge deadlines.

Financial Aid Deadlines

All required documents including FAFSA, tax documents (if required), and other documents requested by the financial aid office must be received by the following dates:
          FALL - June 21   |   SPRING - November 18   |   SUMMER - April 17

This date ensures that we will have your financial aid file competed and awarded for those programs and will be used to pay for tuition, fees, room and board, books, etc. by the first day of class.

  • Failure to provide the required documents by the deadline could and will result in your aid not being ready to pay your bill on the deadline for bill payments. This means, you will need to make other financial arrangements such as a payment plan, cash, etc. with the business office or use the online payment system located in myWC.
  • Simply completing the FAFSA by the deadline is NOT considered a complete file because there may be more information required beyond the FAFSA application.