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Computed Tomography Certificate Program (CTMT)

Computed Tomography 
CT is a sophisticated diagnostic imaging modality that captures cross sectional images of the patient.CT may evaluate many types of disease processes, injuries, guide biopsies, and also
used to help plan radiation therapy treatments.

The CT technologist is an essential member of the healthcare team who is proficient in perform-
ing cross sectional images using sophisticated diagnostic x-ray equipment. This health care professional works closely with patients, fellow technologists, radiologists, and many other members of the health care team. The CT technologist can be employed in a number of health care settings that include trauma centers, hospitals, clinics, urgent care centers, oncology treatment centers, or can be employed as a traveling technologist.

CT Clinical students work in a clinic under supervision for hands-on experience with radiology equipment and learn about CT technologist duties. 

Students must meet the clinical to ARRT standards before taking the exam for CT certification. There are 54 CT procedures in nine categories. To pass the clinical, students must choose 25 separate procedures and perform 3-5 repetitions of each procedure for a total of 125 scans which is the minimum requirement, but not recommended for the CT certification, a student should complete more exams to be proficient.

* Each student enrolled in WC CTMT Program academic course will receive 16 Continuing Education credit hours toward ARRT renewal for a 16-week semester with a grade of “C” or
higher. If audited all you need to do is send a copy of your transcript for verification of the credit.


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