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Course Catalog Changes

This page should give you all the information you need to make your catalog changes for the 21-22 Catalog. Please see below for Procedures, deadlines and the version of the catalog that you should be making changes to. 


Please note: All curricular, programmatic and procedural changes must be approved by the Curriculum Committee, appropriate Dean, and VP of Instruction and Student Services. Curriculum Committee meets monthly throughout the year. Allow time to receive approvals and make the catalog change while adhering to the Catalog Deadlines.

January - February - Instructional content review process.

March 15 - All state-mandated changes to curricula (e.g., transfer course CIP code changes) must be approved by the VP of Academics and Student Services on or before March 15.

March 30 - All institutional level changes to curriculum must be approved by the VP of Academics and Student Services on or before March 30.

Addendum Deadlines:

All requested changes occuring after March 30 but before the start of the subsequent fall semester must be approved by the area VP and will be noted as addendum inclucsions in Clean Catalog

Changes occuring after the start of the fall semester will require Cabinet approval.

To make a change to the Online Catalog:​

Note: All catalog changes begin with your Dean. Please contact your Dean with any questions.

Curricula revisions

Curricula revisions will process through Student Services as this area is charged with maintaining these records in the Colleague system. The data in these areas come directly from THECB or through the College’s curriculum modification process. Chairs and directors will retain responsibility for reviewing the data provided by outside agencies and included in our systems for accuracy. Chairs and Directors will continue to request revisions through their respective Deans, who will advance necessary changes to the Vice President. The VP of Academics and Student Services will cycle all curricular issues to Executive Dean Finley. The Office of the Registrar will attend to the curricular data in Colleague and will also track changes through notifications provided that office.

New courses and programs must be approved through our existing processes. Once the CASC has advanced a recommended addition to the Office of the Vice President of Academics and Student Services, this office will communicate that recommended change to the Controller, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, and Executive Dean of Student Services. Catalog changes will occur after all appropriate approvals have been granted.

Text changes

Only required textual changes will be handled through Creative Services. These passages will be fewer in the interactive catalog, but the content must remain consistent and accurate. Chairs, Directors, and Deans retain responsibility for periodic review of the materials relevant to their areas of supervision.

Are you in the online College Catalog or on the College website?

The online College Catalog will have at the beginning of the url and will have the text College Catalog in the top right corner as seen below.

College Catalog

The College website will have at the beginning of the url and will always have the options like New Students, Current Students and Alumni to click on at the top left, Give, Calendar, Online Classes, Coyote Connect, MyWC, an envelope for student email, and a magnifine glass for search feature in the top right, with About, Academics, Athletics, Student Resources, Admissions & Financial Aid, and Administration right of the college logo in the left bar above the web page's content. See an example of a College website web page below.

College Website

To make a change to the website:

Making a change to the online catalog will change your degree plan page on your web page, if you have one. To make any changes to the web page, or integrate more of the online catalog into your web page, contact Katie Edwards at

It is the student's best interest to make sure that your department's web page matches the information found in the catalog, keeping in mind that the web changes will be made with in two weeks and should reflect the current academic year's information, unless otherwise noted. (Web page changes that reflect curriculum of the 22-23 school year should not be submitted until May of 2022.) Departmental web pages can be found here: Programs of Study

In an attempt to make it easier for departments who have not yet made a web page, please complete this Program of Study/Website request form. Once this form is submitted, Katie Edwards will work with you to finalize your departmental web pages.