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Career Services

Career Guidance

Career transitions require people to choose from an incredible number of possibilities, translate those choices into goals and adapt in order to reach them. Meeting that challenge successfully requires introspection and investigation into the outside world. Career guidance at our office is designed to foster those activities by helping clients discover and organize what they know about themselves and relate that knowledge to career choice.

Some examples of common needs expressed by students are:

  • Develop or identify interests
  • Connect current interests with career pathways
  • Decide between a number of likely career pathways
  • Address anxiety related to a tentative career choice
  • Identify careers that are compatible with personal skill set
  • Access and understand labor market information

Call 817-598-8997 to set an appointment. Answers can be found with the support of 
and an advisor.

Explore Careers 

Job Search Assistance

Weatherford College is a member of College Central Network (CCN). Jobseekers can use this free service to search for local jobs online. To get the most out of CCN it is important to follow the instructions carefully. In particular:

  • Use the "Search for jobs posted to my school" link to access local postings
  • If your first search returns few or no results, search again using fewer criteria. Some jobs may have not been fully categorized and will not appear if your search is too specific.
  • Students who wish for employers to contact them must first post a resume. Our office can assist you in writing your resume. Until you have done so you will be able to search for jobs but you will be invisible to employers.

Job Search websites

Please call 817-598-8997 or email Career Services at with questions you may have or to schedule an appointment.

Visit College Central to get started.


Employers looking to fill a position can also use College Central to post their position.

Resume Assistance 

Good resume writing is a process that often seems shrouded in ambiguity. Conflicting advice is easy to find, even among reputable sources. This is because every person's work history is different, every person markets themselves in a different way, and every employer assesses applicants from their own unique framework of values. Although there is no one right solution for every instance, the Career Center can help you learn basic principles that will improve any resume.

Please begin by working out a rough draft with a basic work history. Your rough draft will provide a good starting place to begin when you visit our office. The following links include a resume example, tips/checklist and guidelines to assist you. Other helpful online examples can be located at various websites, such as the Monster Resume Center